Food Preparer Nutrition Program Agreement

Food Preparer Nutrition Program Agreement

Agreement form to be assigned by the food preparer (worker) in performing their duties. Form is designed to make arrangement between two parties easily. Form Preview
  • Food Preparer Nutrition Program Agreement

    Memorandum of agreement entered into by and between
  • "The Employer"

  •  -
  • "The Employee"

  • 1. General

    1.1. The Employer hereby agrees to employ the Employee on the terms and conditions set out below, and the Employee undertakes to make her services available to the Employer on these conditions.
  • 2. Commencement

    2.1. Employment will begin on date stipulated below and continue until it is terminated per clause 7 of this agreement.
  • 3. Place of Work

    3.1 The Employee shall carry out her duties at the identified location of the Employer described as described below
  • 4. Job Description

    4.1. The Employee’s job title is that of food preparer (“Food Mama”). 4.2. The Employee agrees to perform her duties as described in Annexure ‘A”.
  • 5. Hours of Work

    5.1 Normal working hours per week are made up as described below with 1 hour lunch break.
  • 6. Wage (Salary)

    6.1. Notwithstanding clause 1 of this Agreement The Lunchbox Fund South Africa NPO undertakes to pay a discretionary stipend to the Employee for and on behalf of the Employer. The stipend as described below will be paid to the Employee on the 27th day of each calendar month. 6.2. The amount of the stipend will be reviewed annually by The Lunchbox Fund South Africa NPO. 6.3 Method of Payment: Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”) into bank account stipulated below
  • 7. Termination

    7.1. Either party can terminate this Agreement with 1 (One) week’s notice during the first 6 (Six) months of employment; and 4 (Four) week’s notice thereafter (a calendar month). 7.2. Notice must be given in writing. 7.3. The Employer may terminate this Agreement summarily if after due process, in accordance with the South African Labour Laws, it is found that the Employee has made her guilty of misconduct. Misconduct will include but not be limited to the Employee not performing her duties as set out in the Job Description contained in Annexure “A” hereto and the theft of Food products.
  • 8. Leave

    8.1. The Employee is entitled to 15 (Fifteen) working days leave per year. The Employee to take her annual leave to coincide with the South African Government School Holidays. 8.2. During the first 6 (Six) months of employment the Employee will be entitled to 1 (One) day’s paid sick leave for every 26 (Twenty Six) days worked; after 6 (Six) months of employment, the Employee will be entitled to 30 (Thirty) days over 36 (Thirty Six) months. The Employee is to notify the Employer as soon as possible of her absence from work due to illness or injury. A medical certificate is required if the Employ is absent for more than 2 (two) or more consecutive days. 8.3. The Employee is entitled to 5 (five) days family responsibility leave per year.
  • 9. Good Faith

    9.1. The Parties undertake to execute this Agreement in good faith 9.2. The Employee undertakes to carry out all reasonable and fair instructions of the Employer to further the Employer’s interests at all times.
  • 10. Amendment

    10.1. Any amendment to this Agreement will be valid only if both Parties agree to it in writing and both Parties sign such amendment.
  • 11. Domicilia And Notices

    11.1 The Parties choose as their domicilia citandi et executandi for all purposes under this Agreement, whether in respect of court process, notices or other documents or communications of whatsoever nature, the following addresses:
  •   Morning & Afternoon Morning only Afternoon only Other
    Public Holidays
    Holiday Programs
  • Confirming thus done and signed as per details below:

  •  -  - Pick a Date
  •  :
  • Job Description: Food Preparer (Food Mama)

    Job Description Food Preparer (“Food Mama”): To prepare the Meal for the Learners from the Food supplied by The Lunchbox Fund South Africa NPO for the Nutrition Program and in doing so performs the duties including, but not limited to: ¥ Preparing 1 (one) meal per day for the Learners being either breakfast or lunch as elected by the school. ¥ Preparing the meal from the food products provided by The Lunchbox Fund South Africa NPO (“LBFSA”) to the school for the benefit of the learners. ¥ Preparing the meal in accordance with instructions for the preparation of the food products as supplied by LBFSA. ¥ Following recipe guidelines to ensure correct sized food portions are prepared and served. ¥ Reminding school head to provide fresh vegetables. Preparing and serving such vegetables. ¥ Conforming to all reasonable hygiene and health standards in the preparation of the meals. ¥ Maintaining clean surfaces and utensils. ¥ Serving the meal to the Learners with the appropriate eating utensils, plates and cups. ¥ Serving the meal to the identified learners of the school only. No meals are to be served to any adults whether it be teachers at the school, parents of the learners, any other adults or children not identified as learners of the school. ¥ Providing reasonable information on the food products, meals, learners and the school for monitoring purposes as may be required by the LBFSA representative.
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