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Luscious Lips w/ Anona
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  • STARTER KIT (a glossy gloss, color of your choice, and remover).

    Must be purchased if you are a first time user of Lipsense.  Because Lipsense has no wax in it, your lips are able to exfoliate naturally so while this is happening they may feel dry and peel.  This is completely normal and could take 1-4 weeks depending on the person.  Once it's complete, your lips will feel moist and plump and be healthier then ever before.

    Your color will last you 4-6 months if worn daily!  Your remover will last you from 2-12 months or longer depending on how often your using it to remove your lipsense.  I use it as a color fixer for when I draw outside the lines more then a remover but I wouldn't use lipsense without it.

  • If you choose to order a color in the PRE ORDER section, I do not know when that color will be coming back into stock.  I will only know the day it comes back.  If you pre order I will make sure to snatch up one for you BUT PLEASE NOTE, I don't know when it will be in stock.  So it could be 1 week, it could be 1 month...... keep this in mind!

  • Thank you so much for your order!!!!! I will get back to you shortly with a total amount and info on how to send money with the payment option you have chosen.

    Any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at or if it's urgent, try calling at 4038783791.

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