Full Service with Website Ordered

Full Service with Website Ordered

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  • Full Service with Website: One time fee of $559, $39 per month

  • Please note that you are signing up for a hosted website with an annual contract of 12 months at $39.00 per month.  The set up fee for the website is $559. You pay host fees for the website directly to Big Commerce which is typically under $30 per month.

    Prior to completing this application, you'll need the following items:

    1.  A pdf or jpg image of your wholesale/resale certificate that entitles you to purchase at wholesale pricing.

    2.  A jpg image of your logo (or ask us for the cost to design one for you).

    Please note you will be given instructions of the additional items and choices you have at the end of your registration. 

    Thanks for joining us!  Let's get your new site going!

    Alex & Debbie

  • Website Design Information

  • Search Engine Optimization

    If you're familiar with SEO, please complete the fields below.  If you'd like more information, please contact us separate of this process.

  • I understand by electronically signing below, I agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

    • My card will be charged for the $559 website design fee.  Once the website is completed, we'll be contacting you to get your credit card on file and charge the $39.00 per month full service membership fee.  
    • If my card on file is declined, I understand there is a $10 decline fee.  If my dues are not paid within 30 days, GMA will remove all images from the site and terminate my contract.
    • I am legally authorized to enter into this contract.
    • The designs on the website are the property of Gift Marketing Alliance and can not be reproduced unless authorized by Gift Marketing Alliance.  Orders that are placed on your site for the GMA designs must be ordered through Gift Marketing Alliance.
    • I am required to have a working credit card on file at all times for my monthly dues and to charge any orders that come through.  Orders will not ship until the wholesale amount is charged. 

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