Obaforex Registration Form

Obaforex Registration Form

Become part of the company or networking? used this membership registration form to save your time and hassle with this form. Form Preview
  • Join TheKingsCash Empire

    Become Part of the Kings Networking.

    NOTE: This process should not take more than one minute. You are only given 2 hours to pay up the stipulated amount selected package below to the king you are match to pay. All donations are made directly to member bank account.

  • Kings Access

    NOTE: Please note that your email is your Personal Office, it should not be shared with anyone, please do not also share your KINGS CODE

  • A most to read be submitting your application

    When you become a member you are a king already, you will need to donate the spulated package you select of either N5000, N10000, N20000, N50000, N100000 or N200000 to a fellow king assigned to you by the system and the king will then confirm your donation by sending your KING CODE to admin@thekingscash.com immediatel you are confirm you will receive an SMS congratulating you that you have been confirmed, then the system will automatically assign 2 other kings to pay you in less that 24hour of your confirmation who will also pay you the stipulated package you register. Please do not summit if you do not have the cash available.

  • Should be Empty:
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