Membership Gallery

Membership Gallery

If you are an artist with your own gallery and you needed a form to use as application form for those other artist who wanted to share their art work but has no gallery of their own. Let them fill this form out so you can thoroughly check everything about them and their work then select the best fit for your gallery. Form Preview
  • Gallery 55 Membership Application

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Gallery Fifty-Five. Our gallery thrives because of its diversity in artists and prominent location in downtown McCall. When we select members, we strive to keep a balance between mediums, styles and membership types. We jury to fill immediate openings only. You will be juried on five pieces of your work, which should be complete and gallery-ready. You may also be interviewed by one or more gallery members. If you would like to have two mediums in the gallery, please submit five pieces for the second medium, as well as for the first. The quality of your images matters, so please take care to submit good representations of your work.
  • Terms and Conditions for Membership

    By submitting this application, I agree to the following terms and conditions of Gallery Fifty-Five membership:
  • Monthly rent is:

    Full Membership: $75 + Two 6 hour shifts per month

    Half Membership: $125 + One 6 hour shift per month

    Non-working Membership: $175 and no shifts required

    All members receive 85% of the sales of their work. There is no other compensation.

    Rent should be mailed to the gallery by the 20th of the month.

    There is a $100 non-refundable joining fee, due with the first month’s rent and due before your work can be displayed in the gallery.

    New membership requires a minimum six-month commitment.

    Gallery Fifty-Five carries general liability insurance and takes reasonable care in handling of all artwork, but each artist is responsible for insuring their own artwork. The gallery is not responsible for damage, theft or other loss of artwork or other personal property.

    Artist agrees to read and abide by the Gallery Fifty-Five Policies and Procedures, as may be modified from time to time. (Current copies will be available at the gallery).

    Two-dimensional work is entitled to equitable wall space, proportional to the number of members with two-dimensional work. Three-dimensional work is entitled to equitable floor or shelf space proportional to the number of members with three-dimensional work.

    To keep the gallery dynamic, artists are required to change out approximately 1/3 new work each month. Art locations are rotated within the gallery on a regular basis.

    Joining a cooperative gallery is a commitment that requires your participation. There are no guarantees when it comes to sales of your art. Regard your membership as ownership in a business and your monthly fees as a fixed cost. We have a great location and your art will receive a lot of traffic. It is important to price your work correctly for the types of customers who visit the gallery. These customers are often on vacation and are looking for a memento of their trip or an item to decorate their vacation home.

    There are benefits in membership beyond sales. When you become a part of our gallery, you will make contacts, gain information about artistic opportunities and be a part of a regional art community.

    All work submitted to Gallery Fifty-Five must be your own original or high quality reproduction of your own artwork and does not violate copyright laws. You must have any and all signed release forms for your work, if required (such as for recognizable people in photographs).

    I certify that the above pieces are my work and my work alone. My work is of my own original design and not based on kits, patterns or templates by others. No pieces violate any copyright laws and I have obtained all proper release signatures as required by law. I agree to the work stipulations and terms above.

  • Please be patient after pressing Submit. Image files take time to upload.
  • Should be Empty:
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