Ghost Walk 2016

Ghost Walk 2016

People booking a ghost walk, give their top three choices. Their reservation requests will go to one of two people, depending on the number of people booking a walk. Thank you notes are customized based on being a small, or large group. Form Preview
Ghost Walk 2017
  • Ghost Walk Reservations
    Oakville Historical Society
    110 King Street
    Oakville ON  L6J 1B1
    905 844-2695

  • There is a normal maximum of 20 people for each Ghost Walk. Larger groups get divided up. More than one walk may start at the same time. Please honour your reservation. If you must postpone, please contact us as soon as possible.

    No pets allowed on the walk. Pets trigger area dogs to bark.

    Please indicate your top three choices for walk date and time.

  • The more choices of walk given, the better chance of joining a walk. Reservations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Online is the best way to reserve (and make changes if needed.)

  • Adults, $12 each. Children aged 12 or under, $6 each. Infants are free and not counted on this form.

  • CAD
  • Only if reserving for a group, what is the name of your group?

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  • Thank you for making a reservation to join us on a Ghost Walk.

    We will send you a personalized reservation confirmation email with all necessary information. This may take up to two days. 

    After pressing the "Submit Reservation Request Button" below, you should see a Thank You page. You will also receive within ten minutes, a copy of your reservation request in your email in (or email Junk) box. If this does not happen, please go through the process again. If it still does not work, use our comment form further down on our website page.

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