Gray Mutts Rescue Adoption Application revised

Gray Mutts Rescue Adoption Application revised

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  • Gray Mutts Rescue Adoption Application

  • Every family is different, and there are no right or wrong answers. We know many families have working adults and we don't expect anyone to be a superhero and quit a day job just to be able to take home a pet. Every family has different needs, and this application helps us identify who needs what information and what homes might make the best fit. If you're a veteran dog owner, we don't want to waste your time regaling things you already know; by the same token, if this is your first dog or puppy, we want to make sure you leave prepared for what life with a new pet may bring. So again, thank you!

    Things you should know!

    In the event that we receive multiple applications on an animal, GMRS will endeavor to select the home we feel is best for both the animal and the adopting family.

    Gray Mutts Rescue & Sanctuary reserves the right to deny adoption of any animal to anyone for any reason.

     If applying for a puppy, you MUST be able to provide 2 years of verifiable vet history consisting of core vaccines and heartworm prevention.

    • Your Contact Information  
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    • Dog Preference  
    • About Your Family  
    • Please tell us a little about where the dog will live (we know circumstances change).

    • Ownership Commitment  
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