FREE Membership Opt In Enrollment form

FREE Membership Opt In Enrollment form

Free enrollment form for a women's group Form Preview
  • GWG-Gabbin’ With The Girls™

    Your Global Friendship Connection


    As a member of GWG-Gabbin’ With The Girls™, I agree to the following:

    ·        I understand that all gatherings and events are voluntary.

    ·        I will try to participate in at least one community service project in the calendar year.

    ·        Out of respect for my chapter sisters, I will not share information of a personal nature that I learn during a chapter meeting; what is shared in confidence stays in the meeting.

    ·        I understand that one offense for sharing something said in confidence outside of a chapter meeting will result in a warning; a second offense will cause my immediate dismissal.

    ·        I agree that my annual dues are non-refundable, even if I am asked to leave the group due to breaking the Good Gab Only Pledge form.

    To become a member please fill out the following form or mail form along with your signed "Go Go" Good Gab form to GWG-Gabbin’ With The Girls™ regional office. 

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    • Welcome to the World of GWG-Gabbin’ With The Girls™

      A Community of Women Celebrating Life Together!

      Good Gab Only Pledge







        … are all words that describe YOU as our newest GWG-Gabbin’ With The Girls member!

      In the Gabbin’ world, you are considered a cherished gift and one who deserves to be celebrated!!  As a Gabber, you have the opportunity to bond with your new sisters, allow yourself to discover your adventurous side, tap into your inner beauty and learn to live life to the fullest with your friends!

      As an official member, you will play an integral part in the Gabber world.  We welcome your ideas, creativity and encourage your participation in helping your chapter to grow.  On this journey, you will have the opportunity to make new friends and use your influence to make a difference in the community around you.

      Good Gab Only Pledge

      As a member of GWG-Gabbin’ With The Girls™, I understand and agree to the following terms:

      Our motto is to listen, learn, and leave a blessing.

      Good Gab Only Pledge ("Go Go") is a vow that I will take seriously.

      What is shared of a personal nature in a gathering stays in the gathering.

      I pledge not to share or divulge any personal information outside of our chapter gathering. I understand that one offense is forgiven, but a second offense results in permanent dismissal from the group.

      As a member, I will seek to encourage others through my words and actions and create an atmosphere that allows others to grow. If I overhear gossip, I will steer the conversation away from any language that does not build up my friends.

      And most of all, I pledge to embrace my dreams, follow my heart, cherish my life, and be a good friend to my Gabber sisters.

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