Honors Application  done

Honors Application done

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  • Eastern Connecticut State University

  • I. Student Information

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  • Transfer or continuing students applying to Eastern Connecticut State University's Honors Program should have no more than 45 credits when they apply. Submit a cover letter with your application that describes those qualities or assets that you feel make you a strong candidate for the program. Your cover letter should make clear what you have accomplished during your high school years and at college. Include a recommendation from at least one college professor familiar with your work and a sample of writing from one of your University courses.


  • II. Academic Information

  • Scores

  • III. Honors and AP Courses

  • IV. Activities

  • V. Essay


    Please write a 500 – 800 word essay on one of the following questions. This essay provides an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write, to develop an argument, and to think logically. It also provides an opportunity for you to give us some additional insight into who you are – how you think and what you will be like as a student. This essay is a critical part of your application.

    1. Discuss an issue or topic that you once thought you knew for certain but that you have since learned to question. Reflect on the meaning for you of this transformation.

    2. Discuss two or three things you would like to accomplish in your undergraduate career, noting how Eastern Connecticut State University and the University Honors Program will help you achieve those goals.

    3. An important component of Eastern’s Honors Program is the Honors thesis, which will require you to complete a significant piece of original research or creative work. Please explain why you wish to engage in a project like this as an undergraduate.


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    Return this application, along with your essay, and two letters of recommendation to: Zosia Carlquist, Coordinating Secretary, University Honors Program, Eastern Connecticut State University, 83 Windham Street, Willimantic, CT 06226. (Students wishing to be considered for admission to the Honors Program must be admitted to the university by the Office of Admissions.) The deadline for applications is February 1.


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