Hostess Rewards

Hostess Rewards

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Hostess Rewards
  • Hostess Rewards

  • YAY! Thank you for having a great book party, now it's time for your rewards! This form will allow me to have a centralized location for all your information so I can process your rewards quickly. *Note- you will be responsible for a $2 hostess fee, tax and shipping on your reward books.

    Thanks so much for hosting and allowing me to work with you!! It was so much fun! Let me know when you are ready to host again!

    Alexa Shoultes- Independent Consultant

    Usborne Books & More

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  • Are you REALLY close to a new incentive tier?


    This section is used ONLY to boost your party sales if you want the next tier of rewards. This is just like buying the books full price! (if you're okay with your rewards, skip this section) This is optional. If you order $40+, you will be eligible for our customer special. Please indicate whether you would like the customer special. **NOTE- this will require separate shipping from the rest of your rewards.

  • FREE BOOKS! It's what you've been waiting for!

    1) Using your party link, create your wish list (or add to your cart)

    2) Copy and paste each ISBN, title, price & quantity in the required field

    3) Add your next free book!

    I will have given you the dollar amount of free books. Try your best to stay on target. using the Add To Cart feature will give you a subtotal (remember you will have to pay to ship)

  • 1/2 Price Rewards: Who doesn't love a deal!

    Continue to add books here IF you want. I will tell you how much you earned in 1/2 price rewards. (The price will NOT be reflected in the book price!)

    Example: if you earned $70 in 1/2 price books, you will pay $35 for $70 worth of books.


    I would like to thank you once more for hosting a Usborne Books & More party with me! I am so confident that your children will LOVE these books you've earned for them! GREAT JOB!

    I truly enjoyed working with you! If you are thinking of hosting again and want more free books before Christmas, a holiday, their birthday, or for any other event, let me know!

    You could also become a book lady like me! Make commission, earn free books, and help spread literacy all around! You know how to reach me with questions!!

    <3 Your Consultant

    Alexa Shoultes

    Usborne Books & More

  • Things to remember!

    Shipping is $6 for orders under $75

    Shipping is 8% for orders over $75

    Once the party closes, ALL rewards are no longer available.

    You are responsible for the $2 hosting fee, shipping, 1/2 price books, and any price difference.

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