IBC Self-Evaluation 2017 (Final)

IBC Self-Evaluation 2017 (Final)

ibc self evaluation 2017 Form Preview
  • IBC Self-Evaluation

    How are things going?
  • Please tell us...

  • Evaluation

  • Please tell us how the first week with students went. What has worked well in terms of supervising and interacting with your charges? What has been difficult?

  • What PA job are you working? Do you feel productive and that your work added to the program? How could things be improved?
    Outside of your PA duties, were there any other tasks you've helped out with?

  • List the trips you ran this week. Did the students enjoy them? How was running the trip for you? Have you learned something about running trips?

  • In terms of growth and improvement, is there something you have learned this week? Is there something you want to improve going forward?

  • Please give us some feedback on the program at large. What has been working well in the IBC/HSP? What could be improved?

  • Should be Empty: