Travel Award Application Formimml

Travel Award Application Formimml

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  • IMML Travel Award Application Form

  • Applicant Information

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  • Eligibility Criteria - To Be Eligible For This Award You Must Meet the Following Criteria

    You must be a current second year IMML student, undertaking a Year Abroad in the next academic year.

    Not be in receipt of additional placement grants (for example, a commercial scholarship)

    Able to show Financial Support Required – i.e. how the Travel Award would support you financially, taking into account your salary, living costs, fight costs etc

  • Details of Placement and or Business School

  • Applications will also be assessed on meeting at least one of the following additional criteria. If your Year Abroad meets multiple criteria this should be demonstrated on the application form.

  • 0/200
  • 0/200
  • 0/200
  • Assessment Process:

    Applications will be considered by a panel made up of School of Management staff (typically IMML Year Abroad team, Head of Placements, Projects & International Studies). The decision of the panel is final and non-negotiable. If successful, you will be notified by DATE required.

    Should you receive the award, you must agree to the following:

    The successful applicant will be required to produce a short report of their time abroad and how the award has helped them, to be shared with the donor, the School of Managment, and the Department of Development & Alumni.

    The recipient should be prepared to meet the donor, should an appropriate opportunity arrive.

    The information you provide will remain confidential and will only be shared with those involved in the selection process.

    By completing the application form you confirming that you have read and understood the criteria of this award and have provided all the information to the best of your ability.

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