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In-field Assessment Form

In-field Assessment Form

Form Preview
  • In-field Assessment Form

  • Rating Scale:

    - Expectations Not Met | = Expectations Met or Target Achieved | + Expectation Met or Target Achieved With Some Exceptional Performance | ++ Excellent Performance
  •   Rep Rating Assessor Rating
    Pre-Call Planning
    Customer Knowledge - Record Keeping
    Relating (Empathy & Credibility)
    Opening (Time & Distance, PPP)
    Discovering (Closed & Open, Fact & Feeling)
    Presenting (Full 8 Step and Short 5 Step)
    Linking of Features & Benefits to Dr and Pt Needs
    Supporting (Including LSCPA)
    Close (Commitment to Next Steps)
  •   Rep Rating Assessor Rating
    Knowledge of Disease Order
    Knowledge of Competitors
    Knowledge of Own Product
  •   Rep Rating Assessor Rating
    Key Message Used
    Use of Clinical Trials
    Use of Detail Aid / iPad
    Use of Management & Promo Material
  •   Rep Rating Assessor Rating
    Implementation of Territory Plan
    CRM Compliance
    Customer Relationships
    Image & Professionalism
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