Influences Form

Influences Form

Identifying influences in your personal life? Get it all together and evaluate! This template will allow you to organize the ideas. Form Preview
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    • Below are example uses of the influence. If you need help to understand boosts, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the grid.

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      Bureaucracy Church
      1: Trace utility bills

      2: Fake a birth certificate or driver’s license

      Disconnect a small residence’s utilities

      Close a small road or park

      Get public aid ($250)

      3: Create false identification for yourself or others

      Fake a death certificate, passport or green card

      Turn a single utility on a block on or off

      Shut down a minor business on a violation

      4: Obtain historical phone records

      Fake land deeds

      Get public aid ($1000)

      Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 1 permanently.

      5: Start, stop or alter a city-wide program or policy

      Shut down a big business on a violation

      Rezone areas

      Obliterate records of a person on a city and county level

      Arrange a fixed audit of a person or business

      Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 2 or Lower the difficulty by 1 permanently.

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National influences. Exerting control over state level bureaucrats (legislators, judges, etc), using resources of internal federal agencies (FBI, DEA, ATF, INS, etc,) affecting foreign policy, utilizing the resources of the CIA or Secret Service, or affecting change in national legislature or judiciary

      1: Identify higher church members

      Pass as a member of the leity

      Peruse general church records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.)

      2: Identify most secular members of a given faith in the local area

      Track regular congregation members

      3: Open or close a single church (but not control it)

      Dip into the collection ($250)

      Find the average church-associated hunter

      Access to private information and archives of church

      Organize major protests

      4: Discredit or suspend higher-level members

      Pass as a member of the clergy

      Influence a minor church-associated hunter

      5: Access ancient church lore

      Dip into the collection ($800)

      Find a major hunter

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National: Influencing major hunters, the Society of Leopold, or monastic orders, borrowing or accessing church relics or sacred items, influencing church-wide investigations, using the resources of a Diocese, controling nationally known evangelists or organizations of comparable stature, influencing in a monastic order, or having national sway in a major Church sect.

      Finance Health

      1: Learn about major transactions and financial events Raise capital ($1000) Receive a loan ($100,000 - owe: $120,000)

      2: Raise capital ($5,000) Receive a loan ($400,000 - owe: $480,000)

      3: Raise capital ($15,000) Receive a loan ($2,000,000 - owe: $2,400,000)

      4: Manipulate local banking (delay deposits, credit alterations) Ruin a small business Raise capital ($65,000) Receive a loan ($7,000,000 - owe: $8,400,000)

      5: Control an aspect of city-wide banking (shut off ATMs) Ruin a large business Raise capital ($250,000) Receive a loan ($26,000,000 - owe: $31,200,000)

      6+: (unavailable) Regional and National Influence. Having the wealth and backing of a major corporation/Fortune 500 company, making Wall Street jump when you sneeze, or numbering among the richest people in the world.

      1: Access a person's health records Use public functions of health centers at your leisure Fake vaccination records and the like Get a Blood Point

      2: Access to some medical research records Have minor lab work done Get a copy of coroner's report Gain Blood Points (2)

      3: Instigate minor quarantines Corrupt results of tests or inspections Alter medical records Gain Blood Points (5)

      4: Acquire a body Completely rewrite medical records Abuse grants for personal use ($1200) Institute large scale quarantines Shut down businesses for "health code violations" Gain Blood Points (8)

      5: Have special research projects performed Have people institutionalized or released Gain Blood Points (12)

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influence. Controling an outpatient clinic, blood bank or hospital, obtaining national funding or cutting-edge medical information, discussing matters with the Surgeon General or influencing the World Health Organization

      High Society Industry

      1: Learn what is trendy Learn about concerts, shows or plays well before the public Obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows

      2: Track most celebrities and luminaries Be a local voice of opinion regarding the local entertainment "Borrow" $1,000 as idle cash from rich friends

      3: Crush promising careers Hobnob well above your station (phantom fame 1, local only) Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 2 for one month.

      4: Minor local celebrity status "Borrow" $5,000 as idle cash from rich friends (phantom fame 2, local only) Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 3 or Lower the difficulty by 2 for one month.

      5: Major local celebrity status Appear on a talk show that's not about to be cancelled Ruin a new club, gallery, festival or other high society gathering (phantom fame 3, local only) Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 4 or Lower the difficulty by 3 for one month (choosing what neighborhoods 20 of them come from.)

      6+: (unavailable) Regional and National Influence. Enjoying major local, National or International celebrity status, having the local social scene be completely malleable to your whims or being part of the social scene in several cities

      1: Learn about industrial projects and movements

      2: Have minor projects performed Arrange small "accidents" Dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash ($500)

      3: Organize minor strikes Appropriate machinery for a short time

      4: Close down a small plant Revitalize a small plant Dip into union funds ($2,000)

      5: Organize major strikes Manipulate large local industry

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Cutting off production of resources in a region or nationally, controlling whole unions, arranging major "accidents," such as chemical leaks, oil spills and factory fires and orchestrating large-scale walk-outs or factory recalls.

      Legal Media

      1: Get free representation for small cases

      2: Avoid bail for some charges Have minor charges dropped

      3: Manipulate legal procedures (small wills, minor contracts, court dates) Access public or court funds ($250) Get good representation

      4: Issue subpoenas Tie up court cases Have most legal charges dropped Cancel or arrange a parole

      5: Close down all but the most serious investigations Have deportation proceedings held against someone Arrange for a court case to be decided however you please

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Controlling city Judges or Law Firms completely, arranging Governor or Presidential Pardons, circumventing circuit or Federal courts or having cases presented in the Supreme Court.

      1: Learn about breaking stories early Submit small articles (within reason)

      2: Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports Get hold of investigative reporting information

      3: Initiate news investigations and reports Get project funding and waste it ($250) Access media production resources Ground stories and projects Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 2 for one month.

      4: Broadcast fake stories (local only) Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 3 or Lower the difficulty by 2 for one month.

      5: Kill small local articles or reports completely Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 4 or Lower the difficulty by 3 for one month

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Broadcasting regionlly or nationally, controling a major metropolitan Newspaper, geting a White House press pass, or manipulating nationally magazine content.

      Occult Police

      1: Contact common occult groups, use their practices Know some of the more visible occult figures

      2: Know and contact some of the more obscure occult figures Access resources for most rituals and rites

      3: Be a member of a local occult group Know general information about certain supernatural entities and possibly contact them (may buy a lore of 1) Access vital or very rare material components Milk impressionable wannabes for bucks ($250) Access occult tomes and writings (part of an alleged Book of Nod)

      4: Be an important figure in a local occult group Get newly established occultists to contribute to your 'research' ($500) Milk impressionable wannabes for bucks ($5000) Research more than just superstition about certain supernatural entities and know better than to contact them. (may buy a lore of 2)

      5: Control a local occult group Get a local Occult society to contribute to your research ($1000) Access minor magic items Research some facts about certain supernatural entities and know how to contact them (may buy a lore of 3)

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Controling regional or natural occult groups, getting powerful magic items, getting complete copies of the Book of Nod, advising and hobnobbing with Etrius and Augustus Giovanni.

      1: Avoid traffic tickets Avoid minor violations

      2: Have license plate checked Get "inside information"

      3: Get copies of an investigative report Have police hassle, detain or harass someone

      4: Access confiscated weapons or contraband Start an investigation (minor surveillance, phone taps) Get money, either from evidence room or as an appropriation ($5000) Have some serious charges dropped

      5: Institute major investigations Close down minor investigations Arrange set-ups

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Instigating SWAT raids, getting people extradited, having police cheif's replaced, controling city or state police.

      Politics Street

      1: Minor lobbying Identify real platforms of politicians and parties

      2: Meet small time politicians Have a forewarning of processes, and laws Use a slush fund or fund raiser ($1000)

      3: Sway or alter political projects (local parks, renovations)

      4: Enact minor legislation Dash careers of minor politicians Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 1 permanently.

      5: Get your candidate in a minor office Enact more encompassing legislature Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 2 or Lower the difficulty by 1 permanently

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Blocking the passage of major bills, suspending major laws, using state bureaus or subcommittees, subverting state-wide powers, calling out the National Guard, declaring a state of emergency, getting candidates into major offices, influencing diplomatic relations or aquiring diplomatic immunity controlling the Senate, Oval Office or UN.

      1: Identify most gangs and know their turfs and habits

      2: Access small time contraband (pot, crank, basic knives)

      3: Arrange some services from street people or gangs Get 'clean' pistols or uncommon melee weapons Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 2 for one month.

      4: Mobilize groups of homeless Panhandle $250 Guide (broadly) some gang operations Get a hold of a "clean' shotgun, rifle or SMG Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 3 or Lower the difficulty by 2 for one month.

      5: Control a single medium-sized gang Raise the feeding difficulty in a neighborhood by 4 or Lower the difficulty by 3 for one month.

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Controlling large-sized gangs, obtaining explosives, aquiring automatic weapons, controlling all gang activity in the city or recreating the L.A. or W.T.O. riots.

      Transportation Underworld

      1: Travel within the metro area locally quickly and without cost.

      2: Track an unwary target if they use public transportation Arrange safe regional passage from mundane threats (sunlight, etc.) Smuggle small items/goods

      3: Seriously hamper an individual’s ability to travel Avoid most supernatural dangers when traveling

      4: Temporarily shut down one form of mass transit Route money your way ($500)

      5: Reroute major modes of travel Smuggle with impunity

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Isolating regions for short periods, traveling nationally or internationally without any degree of risk, shutting down major airlines or causing serious delays for other travelers.

      1: Locate minor contraband (knives, small-time drugs, etc.)

      2: Obtain pistols, serious drugs, stolen cars, etc. Hire muscle to rough someone up (4 thugs) Fence minor loot Prove crime pays (and score $1000)

      3: Obtain rifle, shotgun or SMG Arrange a minor "heist"

      4: White-collar crime connections Prove that crime pays ($5,000)

      5: Arrange gangland assassinations Prove that crime pays ($10,000) Supply local drug needs Launder money

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Locating exotic weaponry (bombs, sniper rifles), contracting professional hits (and stay anonymous), control ling the heads crime families, starting mob wars, staging public assassinations, terrorist acts or shooting sprees (and getting away with it)

      University Boosting

      1: Have access to low~level university resources

      2: Have minor access to facilities Obtain college records

      3: Find common level 4 Knowledge instructors Fix grades Discredit a student

      4: Organize student protests and rallies Discredit faculty members

      5: Falsify an undergraduate degree (justifying a mortal alternate identity increase) Acquire money through a grant ($4,000) Locate instructors for some level 5 knowledges Arrange major projects

      6+: (unavailable) Regional or National Influences. Falsifing a graduate degree or PHD, creating college classes of your choice, discrediting the heads of college departments, knowing contacts or with high levels of rare abilities or esoteric knowledge, appointing the dean of a college, directing an entire university departments to research a specific problems, having a research assistant attached to your service indefinitely.


      In order to boost an influence you use an ascending scale of multiple influence traits - it takes spending one level less than the amount you are boosting to to reach the next level. So to boost from two to three you need two influences at level two (including the base influence you are attempting to boost), and in order to boost from three to four, you need a total of three influences at level three and so on. (The exception is boosting a level 1 to level 2, which takes two level one Influences). All Influences used in a Boost cool down or refresh at a rate equal to the *final* level of the action. When you're boosting a passive action such as Defend or Watch - boosts take effect immediately and remain in effect until the cool down is complete. This includes boost actions from yourself and other characters. Any Influences used to boost can be seen on the Watch actions of the appropriate influences.A given influence action result can only benefit ONCE from each Influence sphere. For example a Police action can only be Boosted one time from Legal influence, Underworld Influence or Health influence, anywhere down the chain, including chains of Boosted actions. This also means the Police influence from a different source cannot be used to Boost Police influence. A Hide applied to an influence action like a Boost or Use is considered a separate action and does not need to be from unique sources.All Boost actions are considered seperate and distinct actions from the action they benefit, and show up on Watch individually in their given sphere. They also must have their own Hide action if they are to be hidden, regardless of whether the final action received a Hide.If a Boost action is Blocked before it completes, the entire action that relies on that Boost fails if that causes the action to no longer be of a powerful enough level to complete the action.

      Boosting with Disciplines and Resources:

      Since the game of influence is all about manipulating the mortal world, and since there are disciplines that are specifically designed to manipulate mortals, some disciplines can be used to Boost your influence Actions. The Disciplines of Dominate and Presence can be used exactly like an Influence at their appropriate level for the purposes of a Boost.

      You may also use Resources to Boost influence actions. An amount of money corresponding to each Resources rating's normal monthly allowance may be spent by providing a stamped card to the bookkeeper for that influence action in that amount. This must be provided at the beginning of the action to the staff or the action fails. You can only use your presence, dominate and cash once per action.Dominate, Presence and Resources all obey the same rule as above - no given influence final effect, however many Boosts are involved ultimately, can involve more than one source, including Dominate, Presence or Resources.

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