Student Application Form

Student Application Form

An easy way to have students apply into the university/college, this form capture all information about the student from personal details, contact information other schools attended and even more about the course to be taken and even the fee information. Form Preview
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  • Applicant Details:

  • Course of Study Applied for:

  • Fees Information:

    You must give details of who be paying your fees.
  • Education:

    Please give details of all Schools/Colleges/Universities attended.
  •   Name of secondary School/College/University Address Dates Attended From(mm/yy)To(mm/yy)
  • Education Qualifications:

  •   Subject Level(eg IGCSE, IB, BA, MSc) Grade Date(mm/yy)
  •   Title of qualification Awarding Body(and verification ID for TOEFL and IELTS) Grade(including scores for individual skills if applicable) Date(mm/yy)
  •   Subject Level(eg IGCSE, IB, BA, MSc) Date(mm/yy)
  • Employment:

    Please give details of curent and previos employers,together with dates.
  •   Organization Position held and summary of responsibilities Date From(mm/yy)TO (mm/yy)
  • Statement In Support Of Application:

    This section must be completed.You should state why you want to undertake this course,any relevant experience,skills and attributes,and your long terms goals.
  • Reference:

    All aplicants must provide one reference.The referee should be a course tutor if you have been in education within the last two years or your current or most recent employer.
  • Support Requirements:

    Please complete this section if you have any learning support/mobillity requirements.
  • Declarations:

  • A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a place at ZCBC College.

    A satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau disclosure will be required for successful applicants to courses which include placements where students work with children or vulnerable adults.

  • Data Protection Act 1988

    I agree to the University processing pesonal data contained in this form or other data which the University may obtain from other people. I agree to the processing of such data for any purposes connected with my studies or my health and safety whilst on the premises or for any legitimate reason including communication with me following the completion of my studies.

    In addition, I agree to the University processing personal data described as ''Sensitive Data'' within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1988, such processing to be undertaken for any purposes as indicated in the declaration above.

    If my employer/sponsor is supporting my studies by paying my fess/allowing me study time I agree to my employer/sponsor being informed of the progress of my application and of my studies if I am accepted onto the course.

  • Agent Referral

    To be completed if applying with the assistance of an overseas recruitment agent

    I confirm that I give the following ZCBC Recruitment Partner authorisation to discuss my application with staff at ZCBC College,and receive correspondence from ZCBC College on my behalf.

  •  -
  • Declaration

    I certify that, to the best of my belief, the information I have provided is complete and true.

  • Should be Empty: