IT as a Service Request Form

IT as a Service Request Form

Customer Survey AOS Form Preview
  • Client Interview Questions

    (We will use this time to intro the client to our services. We are NOT selling anything)
  • Step 1- We are only trying to make a personal connection. You have a great personality, use it to make a friend. See how they like their new machine and see if they are having any problems. If they are having problems, tell them you will open a ticket, and someone will contact them. We don’t want to get bogged down troubleshooting problems.

    Step 2 – See if your new friend minds answering a few questions about their network support. Their answers will be tracked in a JotForm. The results will be pushed into a spreadsheet.

  • Customer Information

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  • Opportunity Survey

  • Close out conversation with a general description of our offerings. I put descriptions of a few offerings in case they ask for more info. If they seem interested, have them follow our blog and set a follow-up appointment.

    Closing: “Thanks for your time today. I want you to know that we offer many network services so please keep us in mind if you are ever in need.”

  • Our Services:

    Network Maintenance Agreement – A warranty for the configuration and management of their network. We proactively manage the network. It benefits both us and the client if things are kept running smoothly.

    Network Security – Network security is on everyone’s mind. We can block threats on many levels. From software patching to gateway and endpoint anti-virus, or even darkweb monitoring.

    End user security training – We educate their employees about current network threats and how to avoid them.

    Hosted email – email hosted in the cloud and managed by Microsoft. Includes the Office Suite.

    Computer patching – 99% of threats come from unpatched software. Our patching solution works with both Microsoft and 3rd party apps.

    And More...

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