JCo Disney Client Info Form

JCo Disney Client Info Form

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  • Agent Name:                Janelle Grissinger

  • Disney Client Information Form

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  • Please include the information of the person completing the form, if that person is traveling.

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  • Disney Promotions and Sales

  • Disney often releases promotions after we have a reservation in place. The good news is Disney allows us to apply these to existing reservations. The bad news is it's not always applicable. Think of it as a clearance rack. What's left over is what's getting discounted and many dates/resorts are excluded. The other good news is we can move to fit the promotion if that is an option for you. We realize not everyone can move vacation dates, or they might have their heart set on a certain resort. Promotion day is very hectic, and is often fraught with HOURS long holds and a 90 minute limit to our calls to modify. If we wait to contact you, the other option may be gone. For that reason, we are asking for your permission in advance to move your reservation to take advantage of any discounts released. Please check boxes giving us permission for dates, room type, and/or resort.changes. For example, you may for instance give us permission to change resort, but dates must stay the same. You may also let us know what your alternate choices would be. We will make every effort to get you the best price available for your preferred reservation choices. Thank you for understanding.

  • Change/Cancellation:

  • Credit Card Information: Form is sent via a secure connection and only accessible by Janelle & Co. Travel LLC. To remain PCI compliant we can only collect the last 4 digits to be stored. Please email the first 12 digits and the CV code from the back of card to janelle@janellecotravel.com This will be kept separate from the last 4.  

  • Card Holder Authorization

    I, the above-named authorized credit card user, give Janelle & Co. Travel LLC. and its representative express authorization to charge my credit card for the purposes detailed above. I understand that this form constitutes a legally binding contract and that by affixing my signature to this form, I will be held responsible for all agreed upon (as stated above) charges as well as any and all collection and legal fees. This credit card is authorized for only the charges noted above. By signing this "Credit Card Authorization" form, I/my organization acknowledge receipt and understanding of its contents, including its "Explicit Authorization" clause.

  • Disclosure and Consent

    We make every effort to honor the package price quoted originally, however; under certain circumstances your price may be subject to increase prior to full payment due to an increase in the cost for one or more of the travel components of your package. We will always notify you in such an event.

    Prices will not increase after you make full payment, except for charges resulting from increases in government-imposed taxes or fees. 

    By signing below, you expressly acknowledge your acceptance of these conditions applicable to your purchase and by signing your name and initials you have read and agreed to this being your signature by electronic transfer to Janelle & Co Travel LLC.


  • By signing below, I agree to the accuracy of the information disclosed within this form and to the authorization to charge my credit card for the amount specified above.

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  • Note: Your card will not automatically be charged by completing and submitting this form; however, completing and submitting this form does give the agent the right to charge the card for the amount and purpose authorized above.

  • Thank you for your business!

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