Job Application Form: Office Executive

Job Application Form: Office Executive

JOB app. for office exec. Form Preview
  • Job Application Form: Office Executive

    Application Deadline - June 25th, 2017
  • Job Description

    Acts as primary point of contact for visitors with the company. Receives and directs people, calls, issues, and deliveries to the appropriate department or employee.

    Supports personnel that provide basic clerical support in a variety of administrative settings. Performs all work with the primary goal of customer satisfaction. Maintains a diligent sense of safety and security for company sites.


    * Act as point of contact in case of an emergency or disaster, coordinating with Facilities staff.

    * Answer and assist customers inquiring about Company technical support policy.

    * (May be) required to create and regularly update web pages.

    * (May) perform related clerical work such as word processing, filing, emailing mass communications, scheduling, or purchasing duties using electronic purchasing software system or procurement cards.

    * Use company resources to look up employees’ contact information. Use company phone systems to receive calls and to contact employees.

    * Answer incoming calls, either directly to reception or redirected from phone system. Answer inquiries directly or direct calls to appropriate employee. (May also) answer or direct calls from employees. Communicate with employees on site-specific issues (i.e. found keys, car lights on, etc.).

    * Maintain current knowledge base of Company products and information by reading Company News and Sales emails, announcements, and product brochures.

    * At lead level, (may) handle scheduling or work assignments, and delegation of tasks. (May) receive after hour calls from other DA/Receptionists relating to schedule issues. Responsible for resolving scheduling issues.


    Provide continuous coverage for the front desk. Greet visitors and notify personnel of visitor arrival. Monitor employee and visitor flow in and out of buildings. Maintain security requirements by ensuring visitors sign visitor log and by distributing guest badges.

    Ensure that unauthorized individuals are not granted access to buildings. Ensure that employees are using proper access badges. Alert Security or Facilities staff of any disturbances or potentially dangerous intruders. May be trained on alarm systems and provide first level response.

    Maintain professional appearance of building lobby or reception area.

    Pass out and collect employment applications and other related forms on request. Receive completed employment applications and resumes and route to HR for processing.

    In some locations, (may be) responsible for mail sorting and distribution, shipping, and/or courier services. (May) assist with conference room bookings, loaner equipment (remote controls, adaptors, headphones, etc) distribution.


    Responsible for managing all incoming inquiries to the Company main phone number in a personal and professional manner. Determine the nature of the individual caller inquiries, and direct calls appropriately.

    (May) perform database data entry and maintenance tasks. Maintain accurate and timely problem tracking and resolution records.

    Provide information to callers using Directory Assistance department’s various resources; direct calls and faxes to the appropriate contact/department.

    Answer inquiries on various product learning resource centers.

    Responsible for updating reference lists utilized to perform job effectively.

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