Kabbalat Torah Nottingham Trip

Kabbalat Torah Nottingham Trip

Jewish Teenagers trip away Form Preview
  • Kabbalat Torah Nottingham Trip

  • Thank you for signing up to the KT Nottingham Trip. On this form you will find all the information you will need to register your child.

    Page 1 - Participant Details - This is where you can enter the details of the participant who will be coming on the trip, including their medical and dietary requirements . If you are registering more than 1 participant then they each will need their own form.

    Page 2 - Parent / Guardian Details - This is where you enter the contact information for the parent/guardian and for an emergency contact.

    Page 3 - Code of Conduct - Please read through the code of conduct with the participant.

    Page 4 - Times and Price- Here you will find an overview of the timings for the trip, including drop off and pick up times. Please also let us know how you would prefer to make your payment.

    Page 5 - Consent and Completion


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  • The information you provide us with will be kept in the strictest of confidence. For your benefit, it is essential that even sensitive information is written. Please include all details that will allow us to support you during this event. We are able to accommodate many special needs but withholding medical and/or welfare information could lead to you being withdrawn from the event.


  • The KT trip will be vegetarian, though there will be space for participants to buy snacks and treats where they can make their own decisions as to their diet.

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