Kitchen Design Questionnaire

Kitchen Design Questionnaire

Design Quiz for Temodeling Form Preview
  • Design Survey

    Help me to help you
  • About You

    Contact information
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  • Is there another decision maker?
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  • About your design function and form preferences

    Forms require responses. If not a kitchen, respond as close as possible to the room in question.
  • Your Current Kitchen

    Before the dynamite
  •   Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied
    Counter space
    Design style
    Overall layout
  • Your New Kitchen

    Oh I gotta have THAT!
  •   $ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$
    Cooking appliances
    Wall paint or wallpsper
    New windows
    Knobs and pulls
    Structural changes
    Contractor labor
    Contingency budget
  •   All the time! Sometimes Hardly ever So NOT us
    One person making dinner
    Two people making dinner
    The whole family making dinner
    One cooks, one cleans
    Baking cookies from scratch

    Stir fry from scratch
    Thanksgiving dinner
    Bread making
    Beer or wine brewing
    Reheating leftovers
    Crockpot meals
    Coffee coffee coffee!
    Ethnic cuisine from scratch
    Meat and pitatoes
    Gadgets galore
    My Tupperware is all lids!
    Wash the dog in the sink
    Farmers market overload
    I bought half a cow
    Food subscription service
    Kids homework
    Breakfast and snacks
    I just live on bottled water and air
    I throw big parties and cook it all
    The caterers set up there
    Dishes piled up for days
    The klutzy one dropped all the eggs
    I'm stressed because I haven't wiped it down in the last 15 minutes
    Shiny Chrome!
    No way, matte nickel
    You're both nuts, oil rubbed bronze
    The new laminate counters are really cool!
    The retro laminate counters are really cool!
    Give me a basic granite any day
    I want an exotic granite with movement!
    I've been hearing about Quartzite?
    Are you sure that you don't mean man made Quartz?
    White shaker cabinets!
    Modern Slab door cabinets
    Traditional cherry cabinets
    Rustic and distressed cabinets!
    Wood floors in a kitchen?
    Give me tile
    I'm thinking about the new luxury vinyl
    Subway tile backsplash!
    BOREing. Give me some bling in that splash!
    There are way too many choices for everything!
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