Leadership Executive Association Panel Membership Form

Leadership Executive Association Panel Membership Form

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  • Membership Rules


      Restricted to CEO's, Founders, Presidents, Principles
      Outgoing chairs appoint the next two chairs for following term...
      Maximum of 15-20 members
      No one under 30 or over 50 years of age (Clearly this bylaw will change as we all get older!)
      We meet once a month for dinner
      • If there are not at least 10 members there, it will be cancelled for that month
      • We designate one member each month to prepare a 10 minute or less presentation on something he/she feels important to share and then discuss. (topics can include: incorporation, accounting software, sales, HR, customer service, telecom, CRM, real estate/leases, business legislation, mergers, etc.) We can invite speakers, designated guests, whatever, but it has to be approved by the chairs prior to any dinner
      • Each member pays for his/her own dinner
      There are no dues, fees, assessments, etc. It is an invitation only, 100% voluntary club
      If any one member doesn't come to at least 8 dinners a year, he or she forfeits his/her membership
      Life membership once inducted
      New members require 100% vote for induction
      Members voted out of the club must have 100% approval from other members
  • Once you submit your application, we will contact you to let you know when and where our first dinner will take place.

    Thank you!

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