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  • Lucille Harkness Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • The Lucille Harkness Memorial Bursary was created to honour the life of Lucille Harkness, who passed away days before her Grandson’s wedding. It is with her lessons in our hearts that this scholarship was created, to promote community involvement.

    Lucille was actively involved in her community in Nelson, BC and she often volunteered her time by helping her community, neighbours and church. Education was important to Lucille, and through her kindness and generosity she taught the importance of education and community service to those fortunate enough to cross paths with her. Lucille, though a devout Catholic, believed in the power of love. In particular, Lucille was supportive of the LGBTQ community, thinking all God’s children deserved love. It is with this in mind that special consideration will be granted towards involvement in projects that benefit the LGBTQ community. We will award this scholarship to someone who has been involved with community projects, plans to continue them, and start their own in their post-secondary years.

    Bursaries of $1,000 are available to the chosen recipient who plans to pursue his or her studies at a community college, university or equivalent educational institution in British Columbia. The award is based on applicant’s financial need, academic potential, commitment to studies, and community involvement.


    Applicants for a bursary award must:

    • Be a graduating senior from any British Columbia secondary school;
    • Have been accepted to study in any post-secondary institution in British Columbia;
    • In need of financial assistance;
    • Demonstrate academic excellence in secondary school and therefore potentially succeed in post-secondary education;
    • Demonstrate outstanding contribution in community leadership and initiatives to positively impact their peers in areas of diversity, LGBTQ acceptance, and social involvement to lessen bullying and negativity.

    The applicant must write a brief essay (400-500 words) stating why they deserve the bursary and outline the reasons why they fit the criteria mentioned above. In addition, the applicant must present a 200-300 word letter from a reference (counsellor, teacher, principal, etc).


    The recipient of the bursary award will be selected by founders, with assistance from the Vancity Community Foundation, based on the above qualifications.


    For further information please contact JC MacMillan at Vancity Community Foundation. All applications must be submitted, via this form, no later than June 15.

    Email: jc_macmillan@vancity.com
    Phone: 604.877.7505

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    In the section below, please take a moment to share your story. In 500 words or less, please state why you deserve the bursary and outline the reasons why you fit the criteria mentioned above.

  • If possible, please include a personal reference (teacher, counsellor, principal, or coach) as we may contact her/him for a letter of support.

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