Life Group Wellness Report

Life Group Wellness Report

NLC Heber Springs Life group Wellness Report Form Preview
  • Life Group Wellness Report

    NLC Heber Springs To be filled out and submitted weekly by Life Group Leaders or Life Group Coach if leader is unable to submit report.
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  • The goal of this report is to establish a connection between our groups and our Pastors in order to push information and prayer requests that will lead to a healthier church. The health of our Life Groups is vital to the vision of our church. We want to assist you in keeping up with your flocks. You may text, email or call your coach with this information. This form is a guide for you to use. But please report as much as you feel there is a need. This information will be kept confidential unless directed to the Prayer Teams.

  • Things that should be reported to coaches -Please let us Know:

    1. If anyone has left your group “crawfished out” and you have been unable to contact them
    2. If any of your members are going through a crisis and need prayer.
    3. If you have any members who have NEVER attended the group.
    4. If you are having issues with a particular member.

  • Should be Empty: