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Contract Form Preview

  • Thank you for your interest in renting the facilities at Little Beaver Camp & Retreat Center (“LBC”). This form contains the Rental Agreement (“Contract”) and basic information about Little Beaver Camp. If you have any questions about this Rental Agreement (“Contract”) or wish to check availability, please call our office at 907.350.1082 or check our website

    Please note that before a reservation date is confirmed, this Rental Agreement (“Contract”) and a deposit of $500 for a weekly rental or a deposit of $200 for a weekend rental must be received by our office. For all new renting groups, in order to confirm your booking, either a deposit of 10% of the contracted amount or the existing deposit amount noted above, whichever is greater, must be received by our office with the submission of this Contract. 

    Payment for all rental bookings are to be paid as follows: 50% of the contracted amount is due upon check-in/arrival at the camp. The remaining full and final payment for the rental booking is due upon receipt of the final invoice. If a different payment arrangement is requested, Little Beaver Camp must approve it in writing thirty (30) days prior to the camp reservation or when the contract and deposit have been received, whichever is earlier. Payment can be made via check or credit card (online). See, Little Beaver Camp website: for more information on submission of payment.

    The Rental Agreement (“Contract”) needs to be completed in full with all dates and times listed in order to confirm your reservation date. A final attendance guarantee, along with your recreation plan, must be received by our office within ten (10) days prior to the start of your camp/retreat.

    Please make payments online or send to:

    1048 W. International Aiport Rd., Suite 101, Anchorage, AK 99518.

    Enclosed you will also find General Information about Little Beaver Camp & Retreat Center and our Rental Policies. Please be sure to distribute that information to your participants. 

    Thank you again for your interest. We look forward to working with you and helping to make your group’s event a success.

  • Barry Orzalli

    Executive Director | Little Beaver Camp & Retreat Center

    Office Address:  858 S. Beaver Lake Rd. | Wasilla, AK 99623

    Camp Address & Contact Info:  858 S. Beaver Lake Rd | Wasilla, AK 99623 | 907.350.1082 | Fax 907.562.2352 | 


    *Please Note: There has been a rate increase of $3 for 2018 Contracts
    **Please Note: Highlighted Changes

    revised 2-28-18

  • General Information

  •  -
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  • Food Service and Attendance Estimates

  • A final attendance guarantee must be submitted ten (10) days before your camp. A variance of 10% is allowed. If the actual camp numbers are less than 90% of the final attendance guarantee provided, you are responsible to pay 90% of the final attendance guarantee. If the actual camp numbers are above 110% of your final attendance guarantee provided, an additional $10 charge per person over 110% of your actual number will be applied to your invoice, in addition to the regular rental rate.

    *An additional $3 per person per meal will be charged for special allergy meals.

    *Requests for Extra Snack preparations will be charged an additional fee of $1.50 per person.


  •   Breakfast - 9AM Lunch - 1PM Dinner - 6PM BRUNCH (alternative to breakfast & lunch) [Time to be determined]
    First Day
    Second Day
    Third Day
    Fourth Day
    Fifth Day
    Sixth Day
    Seventh Day
  • Spring/Summer Rental Rate Options

    2018 Spring/Summer Contracts (May 15th - August 15th, 2018). Rates per person.
  • Fall/Winter Rental Rate Options

    2018 Fall/Winter Contracts (January 1st - May 14th and August 16th - December 31st, 2018). Rates per person.
  • All packages include lodging for the designated nights. Check in is at 3pm or later on your first day and check out is at 12pm on your last day, unless other arrangements have been made for week bookings. Meals are provided as noted: dinner will be provided on your first night; breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided on following full days; and the last day, breakfast and lunch (if desired) on your last day. Meal times are as follows (unless otherwise arranged): 9am - breakfast, 1pm - lunch, and 6pm - dinner. The last lunch will be a sack lunch served at noon as you leave.

    A deposit is due to hold your dates ($500 deposit required for Weekly Rentals & $200 deposit required for Weekend Rentals). Minimum payment of 20 people for booking.


  • Policies

  • Food Service

    1. Promptness to meals is essential to maintain the quality of food and ensure Food Service staff will not be detained unnecessarily. There will not be a refund for persons who miss meals. Meal start times are as follows: Breakfast starts at 9:00 AM, Lunch starts at 1:00PM, and Dinner starts at 6:00 PM.

    2. LBC will provide all kitchen staff. There will be a separate fridge available for camp renters to use at their convenience

    3. LBC personnel will determine menu for all meals. Applicant may submit request for specific menus. Cost and availability may prohibit requests from being met. We will try to accommodate for allergies and medical diets if we are made aware of this need with the final attendance guarantee, which needs to be provided no less than ten (10) days before camp begins. No menu alterations are permitted after final attendance guarantee is submitted. An additional $3 fee is required per meal per person, for those that need special meal preparation for allergy needs.

    4. Renting group will help oversee cleanup and will be responsible to instruct campers on KP duty. Camp renters will take responsibility for ensuring that KP tasks are completed. A copy of KP tasks will be provided to you at camp.

    5. If you purchased a meal plan that includes lunch on the last day of each camp, a sack lunch will be prepared for your group and will be served at noon as you exit.

    6. LBC does not provide paper goods/utensils/trays/cups for any meal besides those listed in the rental contract.  Guests are welcome to bring extra paper goods for surprise parties or things of that nature.

    7.  Any Extra Snacks are $1.50 per snack per person and must be requested no later than ten (10) days before the camp begins.




    Facility Care & Check-in/Check-out Times

    1. Weekday check-in time is no sooner than 3 pm. This is when your lodging will be available. Check-out time is no later than noon (12 pm) to allow LBC staff time to prepare for the next guests.

    2. Weekend camps check-in time is no sooner than 3pm.  Check-out time is no later than 4pm on the last day of rental, unless as otherwise agreed.

    3. A designated CONTACT PERSON shall contact the Camp Manager upon arrival and departure of LBC grounds. This leader is required to do a walk-through of the camp with a designated staff member at both entering and leaving the facilities. At this time they shall take full responsibility for proper care and use of the buildings, furnishings, grounds, and equipment used by the group.  This must be done before campers register and are allowed on campus.

    4. The guest group understands that LBC staff has final authority on all matters affected LBC, its facilities and its guests. The guest group agrees to pay for any damages to LBC property beyond normal wear caused by any member of said group.

    5. Furniture, beds, game tables, etc are not to be moved or rearranged except by permission of the Camp Director.

    6. Buildings, structures and trees are not to be climbed, altered or defaced in any way (this includes graffiti, as well as hanging or putting anything on or into the walls).

    7. Any situation or circumstance on campus that requires extra cleaning such as lice, pets, etc., will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

    8.  Any guests that have arranged to come in a night early are required to check-in with the Camp Manager no earlier than 7pm, unless as otherwise agreed. LBC will provide sleeping quarters, use of bathroom facilities and drinking water. Guests are expected to supply their own food and paper goods and means of preparing it.  A regular size fridge and freezer will be provided along with the use of our outdoor grills. However, the kitchen is not available for personal use.




    General Guidelines

    1. LBC does not administrate programs. Applicant is responsible for speakers, counselors, ushers, sound operators, first aid attendants and any other personnel connected to the program.

    2. The use of alcohol, marijuana and any non-prescription drugs (controlled substances) is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Little Beaver grounds. Violation will be cause for immediate dismissal without refund of contractual obligation.

    3. No pets allowed on the campgrounds.

    4. With respect for other guests and the surrounding community, a noise-curfew of 11:59pm will be strictly enforced.

    5. Guest groups must provide at least one adult supervisor for every ten school-age participants.

    6. Persons under eighteen (18) years of age must be under the supervision of parents or other responsible adults. Overnight lodging will not be permitted for those without adult supervision.

    7. Possession or use of any weapon, firearm, fireworks, or non-Little Beaver issued paintball guns is strictly prohibited.

    8. Dress of campers and camp staff shall always be modest. Campers who wear attire such as bikinis, short shorts, or vulgar logos will be asked and expected to change clothes.

    9. Males and females are not allowed in each others’ rooms (for camps, retreats, etc).

    10. LBC reserves the right to book another group simultaneously if facility capacity permits.

    11. Camp cabins and facilities will be left clean and ready for the next occupants according to the cleaning guidelines posted.

    12. We do ask that renting groups during the fall, winter, and spring seasons suggest to their individual campers to bring flashlights, as it gets dark in those seasons.

    13. The renting group agrees to keep the grounds and buildings orderly and clean during the rental period and leave them in the condition in which they were found when first occupied. Renting group must clean rooms upon leaving - vacuum/sweep and remove trash to the designated garbage area. A specific cleaning check list will be provided to renting group. Any building left unclean will result in a fee.

    14. The renting group agrees to provide a nurse – with the minimum requirements being a current First-Aid and CPR Certification, to be presented upon arrival. The responsibility lies with the renter to ensure that they cover what their insurance requires. Please contact the Camp Manager for a list of first aid supplies that are provided by LBC. 

    15. LBC operates the Snack Shack and will determine what menu items are sold.The Snack Shack is available during recreation times and after service in the evenings (if requested).  It closes nightly at 11:30 pm.

    16. Renting groups of 25 or more are awarded three individuals at no charge: 1 Camp Director, 1 Speaker, and 1 Camp Nurse.

    17.  LBC expects all campers to pay the quoted Rental Rate for use of the facilities, food, and lodging, if a bed is available. We do not have a separate price for those who simply do not wish to sleep on campus in the lodging provided (this includes bringing your own motorhome).

    18. Any guest who arrives on campus is required to sign-in and out at the kitchen. They will also be asked to pay a small fee for the use of facilities and if provided meals, there will be an additional charge of $10 per meal.

  • Summer Recreation Options

    Guest Group must provide adult supervision *Skip this if you are NOT a summer renter
  • Little Beaver offers a variety of recreation activities that are fun for all ages. Some of the options we have available for renting groups during the summer season are as follows:

    Paintball: A great free time activity. We can play all summer long, as long as weather permits. With our newly renovated course, paintball can be a game of strategy and skill. *Cost is $5 per person, per game. Each game includes 125 paintballs – individuals can buy their tickets at the snack shack. LBC provides paintball guns and safety goggles – no personal paintball guns or paintballs allowed.

    Zip Line: Our parallel zip lines are uniquely situated over the lake, giving the rider an up close and personal encounter with Alaska’s beautiful outdoors.

    Swimming & Kayaking:  Countless hours of fun are had in the lake at Little Beaver every summer.

    Blob:  Go flying through the air into the lake by one of the favorite Little Beaver pastimes, the blob.

    Water Trampoline:  All the fun of a trampoline but on water!

    Basketball & Volleyball Courts:  Equipment available for pick-up games as well as tournaments.

    Campfire Pit (available year-round):  Enjoy the beautiful Alaskan summer evening with a bonfire. Wood is provided.

    *Little Beaver is happy to provide your group with recreation options. To better server you please complete the form below choosing which options you would like scheduled for your afternoon recreation block from 3:30-5:30. The waterfront will be open from 2:30-3:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

    Weekday Renters – Please note that your rental package includes one recreation option including Zip Line use (option 3). If you would like to use the Zip Line more than this, please call the office to make that request. It may be available for $50 an hour, if approved.

    Extra Late Night Activities: The renting group is allowed to request one extra night of swimming or zipline at $50 an hour, as our staffing permits. Note: the renting group has until 9:30 pm to cancel or re-schedule with no charge. If the group does not cancel before this time, they may not be able to re-schedule the event to another night.

  • Late Night Swim

    Guest Group must provide adult supervision
  • Late Night Swim

    One 1.5 hour session of late night swimming is included in your rental package. The waterfront will close by midnight, regardless of when swimming begins. LBC provides the lifeguards for this event. Please choose which night you would like to have late night swimming.

  • Fall/Winter Recreation Retreat Options

    Guest Group must provide adult supervision
  • Broom Ball:  A great winter activity for all ages. Anyone up for hockey? LBC provides all equipment. No outside equipment is allowed.

    Sledding/Tubing:  Down the hill you will go with the "top of the line" tubes. LBC provides sledding equipment. No use of ski's or snowboards, etc. is allowed.

  • Weekly Recreation Choices

    Normal Weekly Rental Options (please note Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter options)
  •   Option 1 (W & K/C) Option 2 (W & P) Option 3 (Z & K/C) Option 4 (B & S) N/A (check if not applicable)
  • Option 1:  (W & K/C) - Waterfront & Kayaks/Canoes ( weather permitting )
    Option 2:  (W & P) - Waterfront & Paintball ( Spring/Summer Contracts ONLY )
    Option 3: (Z & K/C) - Z
    ipline & Kayaks/Canoes ( Spring/Summer Contracts ONLY )
    Option 4: (B & S) - Broomball & Sledding ( Fall/Winter Contracts ONLY )
  • Weekend Recreation Options

    Weekend Rental Options (please note Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter options)
  •   Option 1 (W & K/C) Option 2 (W & P) Option 3 (Z & K/C) Option 4 (B & S)
  • Option 1:  (W & K/C) - Waterfront & Kayaks/Canoes ( weather permitting )
    Option 2:  (W & P) - Waterfront & Paintball ( Spring/Summer Contracts ONLY )
    Option 3: (Z & K/C) - Z
    ipline & Kayaks/Canoes ( Spring/Summer Contracts ONLY )
    Option 4: (B & S) - Broomball & Sledding ( Fall/Winter Contracts ONLY )
  • If your camp does not fit into one of the above catagories...please talk to Mandy at Little Beaver Camp about designing recreation for you.

  • Policy Agreement & Release of Liability

  • Part 1: Policy Agreement

    The Little Beaver Camp and Retreat Center has as its purpose Christian camps and retreats. Therefore, all renters must agree to abide by the guidelines indicated in this contract and those posted on the grounds. The group leader accepts full responsibility of communicating these guidelines to the participants and must follow through to ensure compliance.

    The business administrator of the organization or pastor of the church is to sign-in the space provided on this Contract and return to LBC as indicated.

    I have read and understand the provisions of the camp policy for Little Beaver Camp & Retreat Center and agree to be responsible for the execution of this policy for the group that I represent. I understand that activities conducted by renters of the LBC facilities are the sole responsibility of those who sign the contract, for their medical liability insurance, safety, nurses etc.

    As the undersigned and contact person, I understand and accept the conditions of this contract on behalf of the user group. I accept responsibility for interpreting the fees to participants and seeing that LBC receives full payment. I have read the entirety of the Rental Contract Packet and accept the conditions as listed.

    Part 2: Release of Liablity

    As the Lessee, I release the Lessor of liability from or arising out of the use of the leased premises.

    Lessee, and members of Lessee’s group, shall be permitted to use all recreational facilities and equipment at each person’s own risk, with the knowledge, understanding and agreement that the Lessor shall be exempt from liability for injuries to any person or property on or about such recreational facilities and the Lessee, and members of Lessee’s group, hereby release the Lessor from any and all liability for damages which may be sustained or incurred by the Lessee, or members of Lessee’s group, resulting from use of such recreational facilities or equipment on or about the leased premises. The Lessee, or members of Lessee’s group, further hereby agree not to file a lawsuit against the Lessor at any time for or on account of any claim for personal injuries, death or property loss, arising or resulting from use of any such recreational facility or equipment on or about the leased premises. The Lessee agrees to be responsible for any and all damages caused by any member of the group under the supervision of such Lessee. The Lessor shall not be required to provide supervision for any recreational activities, facilities, or equipment engaged in or used by the Lessee, or members of Lessee’s group, and the Lessee hereby agrees to provide its own supervision for the group under the control of Lessee. The Lessee agrees that the medical liability insurance is the sole responsibility of the Lessee.

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