Mailing List/Subscription Feedback Form

Mailing List/Subscription Feedback Form

Mailing list subscribers can update their preferences, newsletter type, frequency as well as submit feedback. Great to include in all Newsletters and Autoresponders to reduce unsubscribe rate by providing options. Form Preview
  • Mailing list/Subscription Feedback Form

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    All changes will be processed within 24 to 72 hours not including weekends. For any information that we cannot change for whatever reasons, we will contact you via email to inform you of why and your options.

    Frugal Diva Designz respects the subscription level and privacy of all of our valued subscribers. We do not sell, rent, or share your informatin wiht 3rd parties. View our complete Privacy Policy to learn more about the handling of your personal data and your rights.

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    • ^Our Introductory Emails are sent to all new subscribers which introduces you to different areas of our website, different services we offer, partnerships & partner special promotions, social media and where to find us on the web. If you choose to opt-out, please give your feedback using the following link: Opt out of FDD Introductory Emails. A window will pop-up and will not interferre with this form.

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