Major Research Grant

Major Research Grant

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Major Research Grant Application Form

  • Value: up to $4,000
  • Description
    The Senate Research Committee's objective in awarding Major Research Grants is to support large research projects needing seed funding, to increase the quality of applications for research funding through external funding agencies, and to encourage the dissemination of research results within the professions and the broader public.
  • Eligibility Criteria & Instructions
    1) An applicant must not hold an active external grant at the time of application (for a similar research project)  

    2) The Senate Research Committee does not pay for travel to actively participate in conferences through Major Research Grants (see Conference Travel Grants).  

    3) Members of the Senate Research Committee cannot submit applications to more than 2 competitions over 3 years.  

    4) Applications for Major Research Grants will be adjudicated within 4 weeks of the deadline.  

    5) Faculty may not receive MRG/GRG awards in consecutive years.

    6) Applicants may include requests for Research Assistant funding, as part of the grant application. Please see the STU Student Employment Policy for information on the wage scale.  

    7) A completed application form along with all requested documentation must be submitted by noon on the deadline date. Late applications will not be accepted. The application form will be closed and inaccessible after the deadline has passed.
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