Muhammad Ali Center

Muhammad Ali Center

Final Assessment for the youth Form Preview
  • MACCS/UCREW Final Assessment

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  • What is the highest level of education of your parents, step-parents, or guardians?

  • Directions: Reflect back on your experience in the MACCS/UCREW and what you have learned throughout your participation in the program(s). Next, read each statement and select "Agree" if you agree with the statement or "Disagree" if you either disagree or feel neutral about the statement.

    After participating in MACCS/UCREW:
  • After participating in MACCS/UCREW, I am more likely to:

  • Directions: Read each statement and, from the "After participating in this program" menu, select the option that best describes you at the present time. Next, think back to BEFORE your time in the program and select an option from the "Prior to enrollment in this program" menu and select the option that best described you.

  • Working toward equal opportunity for all U.S. citizens.

  • Becoming involved in a program to improve my community.

  • Volunteering my time helping people in need.

  • Finding a career that provides the opportunity to be helpful to others or useful to society.


    After participating in the UCREW program:
  • Should be Empty: