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Natural Farmers Group 2

Natural Farmers Group 2

Natural Farmers Group 2 Form Preview
  • Natural Farmers Group 2

    Natural Farmers group from Pune for availing chemical free produce. Please note this group specifically intended to help farmers sell their farm produce directly to consumers and help them in all possible ways. Thanks to everyone for supporting the great initiative.
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    • Produce from farmer Digvijay Shinde and Dattaji Kore  
    • Produce from farmer Malasure Dada (Dnyanada Phade)  
    • Produce from farmer Vivek Kulakarni  
    • Produce from Farmer Nitin Kharche  
    • Produce from Farmer Malhar Pabal and Shelke  
    • Produce from Farmer Anandi and Shirish Kulkarni  
    • Produce from Farmer Anand Pingale  
    • Produce from Farmer Anand Kalaskar  
    • Produce from Farmer Ganesh Satav  
    • Produce from Farmer Chintamani Ghole  
    • Produce from Farmer Anand Dooth  
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