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Human Resources (HR) Form Templates

Human resources forms are documents used by a company's HR department to recruit and manage employees. Nothing removes headache from the HR department quite like online forms. Manage employee information, employment verification, employment satisfaction, cv submissions, job applications, and time-off requests with JotForm human resources online form templates. Get started by choosing a template below to edit for free.

Other Human Resources Forms

Simple Job Application Form

Job Application Forms

You can use this basic job application form when you need. It's a simple one-page form that includes personal information, educational background, reference info and more. The applicant can fill out the form easily.

Employment Application Form

Job Application Forms

An employment form is vital for businesses that rely on online resources when hiring employees. Here's a typical employment application form that you can start fiddling around with. It has all the basic fields that you may want to collect from applicants, like their personal information, contact information, skills and training, and references. Use this application form for employment hiring and expand your company's manpower.

Employee Information

Business Forms

An employee personal information form template is being used by many companies to record and catalog their employees' information. This employee information form will help you collect the details you need for your database. The employee information template will contain different sections where they can input their personal information, job information, and emergency contact information

CV Application Form

Employment Forms

Do you want to create a new team for your company or project? Then should check out some cv application formats before hiring. This CV Application form template will help you to collect CVs fast and also help candidates to create the best curriculum vitae application form that suits themselves. So you can get applications and hire in no time.

Leave Request Form

Human Resources Forms

With this easy to fill out an employee leave request form get an instant leave request from your employees, getting the details without any conflicts. With fields to employee id, manager, and dates of leave you can collect all the relevant information with our employee leave request template, without needing to follow up. Get started with this employee leave request form sample and customize with fields that fit your organization. All employee leave request form templates have access to JotForm's assortment of apps and widgets, to make collecting information easier.flicts.

Step-by-Step Company Information Form

Business Forms

In this form it walks you or others that fill in the form through a step-by-step process to complete a detailed signup form based on a series of questions.

Employee of the Month Voting Form

Human Resources Forms

Want to start an Employee of the Month Award Program? Try with this employee of the month voting form template. Useful for team leaders and senior managers looking to raise morale among their employees and provide recognition for hard work. Additionally, an employee of the month voting form is a way for employees to recognize their peers and offer praise. Customize your employee of the month voting form template to include any number of candidates or descriptions fields. Get started with our pre-made employee of the month form sample and customize it to meet your needs.

Employee Reference Request

Employment Forms

Our employee reference request form is designed to get references by referees listed into candidate application, in order to get a better approach during the hiring process. The hiring process can be a time-consuming process, even without the burden of tracking down references and getting their opinions. So you need a employee reference form template that will helps keep the reference feedback organized and is easy to review later on. In our employee reference form sample, we looked for employment details, ratings about the candidate and fields for commentary. Use our form as a guide for drafting your own template, additional features include apps and widget integrations.

Expense Report

Calculation Forms

Allows users to record their expenses (including a $/mile calculation), attach receipts, and submit the report to their respective supervisor for reimbursement approval. The PDF and email confirmations are formatted in a user-friendly fashion.

Resume Collection Form

Employment Forms

Want to hire the right person? Collect, manage job applications and resumes with this online resume collection form. Recruiting department friendly. Collecting all the relevant data in one resume collection form template can save your team vital time and resources during the recruitment process. Use our resume collection form as a guide for creating your own or get started on a brand new form. Customize your form using themes, apps, and widgets to encourage job candidate engagement with your resume collection template.

Online Interview Questionnaire Form

Questionnaire Templates

If you are looking for new employees and if you want to find the best-qualified employees, this interview questionnaire form template is helpful for you! With this online interview form, you can collect candidates' skills, work experiences information. Also, you can ask the online interview questions such as "What are your major skills regarding the job, you have applied for?".

Medical Employment Information Form

Summer Camps

Here is an employee medical history form template that you can use to gather medical information of the employee. This will highly ease the process of managing your employee's medical details as you will know about the general medical history of the person along with the contact information and medical insurance details. This employee medical information form template is ideal for human resources departments. Create a HIPAA Compliant Medical Employment Information Form today!

Quick and Easy Job Application Form

Job Application Forms

Are you looking for a new employee in your company or business? Hire the right people through this easy job application form. This easy job application is a simple single page form that asks basic information like personal information, contact details, position applying for and a resume through an upload field. Through easy job applications, you can easily manage applicants and select the right applicant that fits the applied position. Select this easy application form now and start collecting job applications from job seekers!

Job Application

Job Application Forms

This is a brief job application form to get leads and applications easily. Quite useful for your human resources department. This form template allows gathering name, email, phone number, cover letter from applicants.

Paid Time Off PTO Request Form

Request Forms

This form is a perfect example of how to quickly manage your employees time off especially if they have vacation time where you can gather information to monitor this better.

Multi-Page Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Evaluation Forms

Review employee performance online with this free employee evaluation form. Customize this employee evaluation form template by adding detailed questions, rating scales, and text boxes for comments. With your online employee evaluation form, you can quickly identify get the feedback you need to start improving your business.

Employee Performance Review

Human Resources Forms

This is a template for a job performance review at work. The content and questions are borrowed from MIT's numerical scale performance review.

Recruitment Submission Form

Employment Forms

Allow users to enter upload the CV and Resume.

Security Employment Application Form

Job Application Forms

Here is a security employment application form designed for security agencies. If your business or agency are seeking to hire new security personnel, this security guard job application form would highly ease your hiring process as it helps you gather all the necessary information about the applicant. This security application form template asks personal information, vehicle details, previous employment, military service record, criminal background and etc. This security guard application form sample is pretty much everything you need to get all that information in just a single submission. Moreover, you can customize this application form for security guard according to your requirements or business to make another application form for employment.

Sales Person Job Application Form

Job Application Forms

Are you looking for a new salesperson? With this sales job application template you can collect contact information, education information, experience information. So, by using this sales job application form, you can find the most qualified employee!

Request For Reimbursement Form

Request Forms

Do you want to create an organized, detailed and easy to use form that will help everyone in your group to request for reimbursement of expenses? This request for reimbursement form will help you and your members to ease the reimbursement steps. This reimbursement form template will help them provide proof regarding their expenses by uploading their receipts according to the detailed information for each item they bought. This request for reimbursement template can be used by churches or any non-profit organization to send a refund to their members that are currently assigned to another location.

Employment Application - HR Complete

Human Resources Forms

Complete HR Employment Application

New Hire Request Form

Human Resources Forms

Get the new hires in your company to be more productive by using this new hire request form to get into their next assignment. This new hire request form template will ask the employee to provide their next area of work, the title of the work, the related office which would help not just the manager to monitor the progress but also to help them to perform better. If the job is related to the IT, this new employee setup form template is designed to work for that whereby new hires will be asked to provide the tools involved and each office requesting the job order. This new employee request form is also designed to be used in the administrative office of the company for sending special requests to each person involved.

360 Degree Review - The Well

Human Resources Forms

360 Degree Form we use for annual evaluations on effective leadership.

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