Tech arts request form

Tech arts request form

If you are going to have an event and already booked a facility, this form allows you to request support from the technicians, so that both sound, light and image might be taken care of. For this you need to provide all the details related with the event, like date and number of expected attendants. You can also schedule a rehearsal. Form Preview
  • New Song Christian Fellowship

    Tech Arts Request Form

  • New Song's Technical Arts department is pleased to be a blessing to the New Song body. In order to ensure that each ministry and event is able to make use of the sound, lighting and projection/video playback equipment at New Song's campuses it's important that we steward well what we've been given.

    For proper stewardship, permission to use the equipment must be given by the Tech Arts department. This applies to all events and rehearsals. This form is used to request permission to use the Tech Arts equipment.

    The following pages will take you through the details of your event.

    You must submit this form a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of your first rehearsal or event.

    Please remember, the use of New Song's Tech Arts equipment is not a right but a privilege. Without approval of your request you will not be able to use New Song's Tech Arts equipment.