NSW Waratahs Gen Blue U16's        Medical and Consent Form

        NSW Waratahs Gen Blue U16's        Medical and Consent Form

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  •         NSW Waratahs Gen Blue U16's        Medical and Consent Form

  • Player Details

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  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Medical Information

  • Medications

  •   Medication Name Breakfast Time/Dose Lunch Time/Dose Dinner Time/Dose Before Bed Time/Dose Other Time/Dose
  • Notes:

    1. Scheduled medication must be provided in the original container (as required by legislation).

    2. All medications will be collected and administered by Team Management, unless notified in writing to the contrary.

    3. Team Management will supervise and register the taking of all medication.

  • Special/Dietary Needs

    Please identify any special needs or requirements e.g. Diet
  • Swimming Ability

  • Media Consent

  • I agree to allow NSW Rugby Union to use my child’s/ward’s name and any photographs, sound or file recordings taken of my child/ward during NSWRU events and/or matches for the promotion of NSWRU to the media and general public through press releases and electronic media.

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  • Risk Waiver

  • I agree to my child’s/wards participation in the NSWRU Representative season. In the case of an emergency, I authorise the Team Manager/Coach/Medical Staff, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to arrange for my child/ward to receive such lifesaving medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary. I also undertake to pay or reimburse costs which may be incurred for medical attention, ambulance transport and drugs while my child/ward is registered with NSWRU.

    I understand that although NSW Rugby Union and its Volunteers attempt to minimise any risk of personal injury within practical boundaries, accidents do happen and all physical activities carry a risk of personal injury. I acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of personal injury in physical activities that will be undertaken.

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