NU212 Grading Report 2

NU212 Grading Report 2

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  • NU212 Grading Report

    Spring 2013 Section 7
  • Course Instructor: Linda Jorgensen

  •   Course Participation 20% Group Health Promotion Project 30% Paper 1: Manufacturing Depression 25% Paper 2: Obesity Debate 25% Final Grade
  • * If you did not receive a grade for paper #1 because it did not meet the minimum requirememts I have given you 'points' to reflect that you did in fact do the assignment.  This is meant to insure that you receive credit for your effort and that your final grade for the course is not significantly reduced.  I understand that the 'points' may not reflect a passing grade, but this will provide support for your overall grade in the class, particularly if the grades for the other assessment areas are higher.

  • University Policy on Grades

    A   = 100-94
    A-  = 90-93
    B+ = 87-89
    B   = 84-86
    B-  = 80-83
    C+ = 77-79
    C   = 74-76
    C-  = 70-73

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