NU212 Spring 2013: Student Self-Evaluation

NU212 Spring 2013: Student Self-Evaluation

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  • NU212 Spring 2015: Student Self-Evaluation

  • Instructions for Self Evaluation of Group Project

    Write a  a 1-2 page reflection paper which includes the points listed below.The assignment will be assessed based upon your honest self-appraisal and the extent to which you demonstrate the capacity to honestly assess yourself – not your actual contribution to the project.  You will attach your essay at the end of this form or you can type it directly into the box below.  This does not have to be in APA format. 

    •             What you gained from participating in this project

    •             The most challenging aspects of this project/process for you

    •             How your learning style ‘fit’ with your group

    •             What did you learn about working in a group/group dynamics?

    •             What you might have done better or differently were you to do this assignment again

    •             How this experience may impact how you approach your next group project

    •             Anything else that you would like to add

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