NYSUM Staff Evaluation Team 1

NYSUM Staff Evaluation Team 1

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NYSUM Staff Evaluation Team 1
  • Internship Application form

  • Elim recognizes the value of ministry experience achieved before attending Elim. Prior Christian ministry experience can be recognized and substituted for internships. The Year in the Son internship receives 100 unit hours, while the Associate’s Internship receives 200 unit hours.

    The Director of Ministry will review your request for an alternative internship and then make his recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs who will have the final decision.

  • Please explain below in detail how you will meet the following requiremnts through your this internship opportunity

    1. Readiness for Ministry
    2. Opportunities to engage in practical ministry
    3. Plan to fulfill the required unit hours (scheduling for ministry duty to meet the 100 or 200 hours required during the semester)
    4. Who will be overseeing your internship and developing you?

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