Tenancy Application Form

Tenancy Application Form

Are you a property manager looking for a quick way to assess your client's creditworthiness and suitability for tenancy? This is a very useful form to quickly collect detailed information from a person looking to rent or be a resident in your property. Form Preview
Ohana Midtown Residences
  • Ohana Midtown Residences Guidelines:

    1. No pets allowed.
    2. No children below 4 years of age.
    3. No moving in until the payment for the one month advance and 2 months deposit has been settled in full
    4. 6 months minimum stay
    5. 1 month advance will be used immediately on the first month of stay.
    6. First bill is given 30 days after moving in.
    7. Due date for bills is 5 days after the bill is given.
    8. Rent is Php 6,800.00 per month good for two persons only. Extra Person (3 or more) will be charged at Php 1,500.00 / person / month. Visitors can stay up to 3 weeks, free.
    9. Reserved parking slots are charged Php 500.00 per month. Parking area is limited and subject to availability.
    10. Water and Electricity are charged separately and will depend on your consumption. Water is charged at PhP 150 for the first 10 cubic meters, and PhP 13.50 per KwH for the electricity.
    11. Tenants are responsible for segregating their own garbage. Fines imposed by the Barangay for failure to segregate will be on the tenant's expense.
    12. Each room includes your own toilet and bath, aircondition unit, 1 bed and matress a cabinet.
    13. We advise our tenants to not leave their belongings outside of their room to prevent any damage, loss and more importantly it obstructs the hallway.
    14. Open flame cooking is not allowed (ie LPG, butane). Must use electric stove, microwave, toaster, or water heater.
  • Ohana Midtown Residences





  • For minors

    If you are less than 18 years of age, and/or if parents are paying for your rent
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