On-Line Application Checklist

On-Line Application Checklist

This form work as a checklist for leasing units rental process. With this form you can track if you are missing some legal documents or some part of the process to have a successful rental process. Form Preview


    Application & Checklist

  • Complete all 5 steps of this form and then click the submit button

    to ensure your entire applicaiton is submitted.

  • The link below will open in a new window. 

    Be sure to return back to this form, complete it, and click submit.

    CLICK HERE to fill out your on-line application.

  • Please submit either your 2 most recent paystubs, bank statements showing your two most recent employment deposits, or if an independent contractor, last year's tax return.

  • Either scan your ID, or you can take a picture of your ID with a smart phone and upload the picture.

  • I understand the unit I am applying for will continue to be advertised, and Lenox will continue to accept applications on this unit until I have submitted:

    1. The Applications for everyone over 18
    2. The Holding Deposit
    3. Proof of Income (4 most recent paystubs or bank records) for everyone whose income is needed
    4. Picture ID’s for everyone over 18

    I also understand this continuous advertisement and accepting of applications may result in me loosing this unit.

  • Feel free to print your completed form for your records before submiting. 

    But if you do, don't forget to still click submit!!

  • Should be Empty: