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Gather consent forms, referrals, e-signatures and more with mobile-friendly Dentist Forms that work great on any device. By upgrading from paper forms to online forms, you can create a secure online database of all data for your dental practice — helping you keep information organized and have more time to spend focusing on your patients. Start by choosing a template below to customize with our no-code builder, then drag and drop to upload your business logo, choose new colors, add a background image, and integrate with 100+ platforms to automatically sync submissions to your other accounts. You can then publish your form with a shareable link or embed it directly into your website. Bring your dental practice into the 21st century with online Dentist Forms from Jotform.

Dental Treatment Informed Consent Form

The Dental Clinic and the Dentist have the responsibility to educate the patient about the procedure he/she will undergo and thoroughly explain how the patient will benefit from it. This is the goal of the Dental Consent Form. This amazing General Dental Consent Form contains form fields that ask for patient information, details about the dental procedure, and acknowledgment waiver.

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Dental Referral Form

A dental referral form is a document that allows dental professionals to easily refer patients from one dentist to another.

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Dental Clearance Form

A dental clearance form is a medical form used to obtain permission to make dental impressions from a patient. A dentist uses this form to take an impression of your teeth for future procedures. No coding!

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Orthodontic Informed Consent Form

An orthodontic informed consent form is used by dental offices to sign up patients for orthodontic procedures and asks for their consent to the treatment terms and conditions.

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Dental Treatment Plan Form

A dental treatment plan form is a document used by dentists to outline their treatment plans for patients and store their personal and insurance details. Customize the template fully with not a single line of code required.

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Dental Records Release Form

A dental records release form is used by a dentist to collect patient’s medical records from their other doctors. The dental records release form can be customized to fit the way you conduct your business.

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Teledentistry Consent Form

Collect consent from patients online. Perfect for dental practices offering virtual care. Easy to customize and embed. Integrate with 100+ apps. No coding.

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Dental Implant Consent Form

A dental implant consent form is a legal document, signed by a patient, which authorizes a dentist to proceed with a dental implant procedure. No coding!

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Dental Patient Experience Survey

A dental patient experience survey is a questionnaire that is used by dentists and dental practices to collect feedback from their patients

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Cochlear Implant Consultation Form

A cochlear implant consultation form is a questionnaire used by medical professionals to take information from patients about their interest in getting a cochlear implant. Collect necessary patient information with Jotform!

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