Outback Education 2015 - Kanyini

Outback Education 2015 - Kanyini

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  • In order to qualify for the exemption for entry into Uluru/Kata-Tjuta National Park, we need to educate you on the Indigenous people of the area and aboriginal culture in general.

    To do this you need to view two videos and answer the assocoated questions

    The videos can be accessed from TV4ED from the College Library site. You can either view it at school or download it to a USB or device to take home to view.

  • Video 1 - Kanyini

  • 1. To which indigenous tribe does Bob Randall belong?

  • 2. What are the four principles of Kanyini?

  • 3. Describe the landscape around Uluru.

  • 4. For how many years have Aboriginal people been living in Australia?

  • 5. When did ‘everything change’?

  • 6. What is meant by the term ‘terra nullius’? Why is this term so absurd and upsetting to Indigenous people?

  • 7. What were some of the reasons given for the removal of Indigenous children from their families?

  • 8. How many children are believed to have been removed and placed in institutions between 1910 and 1970?

  • 9. How does Bob Randall explain what happened to him as a member of this ‘stolen generation’?

  • 10. What are some of the ‘crippling sicknesses’ found in many Indigenous communities today?

  • 11. Where is the town of Mutitjulu in relation to Uluru?

  • 12. What contrast is drawn between the tourist’s view of Uluru and the life of the Indigenous people?

  • 13. What can white Australians learn from Aboriginal Australians?

  • 14. Why are pride and self-respect such central ideas in Bob Randall’s explanation of what has gone wrong for many Indigenous Australians?

  • Thank you for completing your Indigenous Education Program - please take every opportunity to further your understanding during Outback.

    Mr Bevan

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