Parent Volunteer Commitment

Parent Volunteer Commitment

Volunteer Commitment Form Preview
  • ICMS Parent Volunteer Commitment

    Parents are graded on volunteer hours completed (40 hours per school year).
  • Please note: A background check is required to volunteer in areas/at events where students are present. Please complete that before attending any volunteer event.

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  •   I will volunteer for these events
    ICMS Back to School Picnic
    Concession Stand
    Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
    Cleaning Courtyard Day
    Concession Stand

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    Pick a Date
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  • I give Independence Charter Middle School permission to run a background check for the purposes of volunteering at the school.

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    Pick a Date
  • If you have additional questions regarding the event(s), please contact the ICMS office at 405-767-3000 or email


    • Assist with enrollment day (August)
    • Assist with school picnic (September)
    • Carpool = 20 hours per year
    • Donation of money ($20 = one parent hour)
    • DOUBLE HOURS – landscaping/grounds work
    • DOUBLE HOURS – substitute teach
    • Drive to/chaperone field trips
    • Have lunch with your student at school = one parent hour
    • Shadow your student during classes
    • Attend parent/teacher meetings
    • Attend organization meetings (cheer, drama, etc.)
    • Help in the front office
    • Assist with staff appreciation day/week
    • Sell sodas, pizza, cookies, etc. at meetings/dances/picnics, etc.
    • Take pictures at events, edit, copy, turn in to yearbook
    • Take pictures at events/turn in to front office for website/Facebook page
    • Assist with Wacky Wednesday
    • Coach/assist coaches with sports
    • Carpool groups of students to and from sporting events
    • Inventory uniforms for football, basketball, etc.
    • Keep time at Academic meets
    • Assist with capital campaign/raise money for ICMS
    • Grant writing
    • Make copies of tests/homework, etc., for teachers
    • Decorate for school events/dances
    • Chaperone school events/dances
    • Clean up after school events/dances
    • Empty outdoor trash cans when at least half full = one parent hour
    • Tutor an ICMS student
    • Help cook and/or serve in the cafeteria
    • Help in the cafeteria in any way
    • Wash classroom windows
    • Attend football games (only when announced as parent hours)
    • Any electrical work that you can provide
    • Any repair work that you can provide
    • Paint
    • Paint football helmets/put stickers on
    • Wash lost and found articles
    • Fold lost and found articles during school year
    • Dust offices
    • Assist with open houses in January and February
    • Help maintain up-to-date immunization records for ICMS
    • Update outdoor signs
    • Organize collection of soup labels/box tops/Buy for Less tapes

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