Pathfinder Club Registration

Pathfinder Club Registration

Registration, Medical release and photo release form. Form Preview
  • Sponsored by the Chapel Oaks Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Pathfinder Information

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  • Parent/Guardian Information

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  • Emergency  Contact Information

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  • Medical Release and Authorization

    As Parent and/or Guardian of the named Pathfinder, I hereby authorize the diagnosis and treatment by a qualified and licensed medical professional, of the minor child, in the event of a medical emergency, which in the opinion of the attending medical professional, requires immediate attention to prevent further endangerment of the minor’s life, physical disfigurement, physical impairment, or other undue pain, suffering or discomfort, if delayed.

    Permission is hereby granted to the attending physician to proceed with any medical or minor surgical treatment, x-ray examination and immunizations for the named pathfinder. In the event of an emergency arising out of serious illness, the need for major surgery, or significant accidental injury, I understand that every attempt will be made by the attending physician to contact me in the most expeditious way possible. This authorization is granted only after a reasonable effort has been made to reach me.

    Permission is also granted to the KC Explorers. and its affiliates including Directors, Pastors and Staff to provide the needed emergency treatment prior to the child’s admission to the medical facility.

    Release authorized on the dates and/or duration of the 2016-2017 Pathfinder year.

    This release is authorized and executed of my own free will, with the sole purpose of authorizing medical treatment under emergency circumstances, for the protection of life and limb of the named minor child, in my absence.

    Informed Consent and Acknowledgement

    As parent or legal guardian of the applicant, I am in favor of him/her attending club functions and accept the conditions named. The health history stated is correct so far as I know, and the person herein described has permission to engage in all prescribed club activities except as noted.

    My child has permission to travel with the Pathfinder Club trip leaders and drivers selected and approved by my church board, and sponsored by my local Seventh-day Adventist Church. I understand that my child will be chaperoned by either myself (if I am going), and/or adult leaders and club staff member while on this trip.

    In addition I have read and understand the Authorization to Treat a Minor statement and give my full consent to the terms found therein. Permission for photo copying of this health record is granted.

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  • Pathfinder Application

    I would like to join the Chapel Oaks KC Explorers Pathfinder Club. I will attend club meetings, hikes, camping and field trips, missionary adventures and other club activities. I agree to be guided by the rules of the club and the 

    Pathfinder Pledge and Law:

    By the grace of God, I will be pure, and kind, and true. I will keep the Pathfinder Law. I will be a servant of God and a friend to man.

    The Law is for me to:
    Keep the morning watch
    Do my honest part
    Care for my body,
    Keep a level eye
    Be courteous and obedient
    Walk softly in the sanctuary,
    Keep a song in my heart,
    Go on God's errand.





    You will be provided the use of a Class A dress uniform shirt, Pathfinder belt, and Scarf for the current Pathfinder Year. 

    The Items are to be returned at investiture on May 12th 2017. If the items are not returned, you will be responsible for reimbursing the club for the replacement cost. You are responsible for providing the rest of the Class A Dress Uniform including sash, black shoes, black socks, black pants, or black skirts for girls. 

    Field uniform - Red or blue shirt 

    * Red Sabbath 

    * Blue Sunday 

    Blue/Black pants or shorts 

    Closed toed shoes 

    Closed heal Shoes(straps are OK) 

    NO flats, flip-flops, slides or crocks 

    Dress Code – Midland Dress code 



    Shorts length must be at mid-thigh, closer to the knee then the hips when sitting down. 

    Specific to Girls 

    · The neckline of all shirts/ tops must be high enough to show no cleavage. No low scoop or v-cut necklines in front or back. 

    · No sleeveless or tank top style tops may be worn alone. Shirts must cover the midriff when standing or when arms are raised. 

    · Skirt lengths must be close to the knee. Skirt may be allowed at mid-thigh ONLY if leggings are worn. 

    · The 4 B’s must be covered at all times (back, belly, butt, breast) 

    Specific to Boy 

    · Pants may not sag below the natural waist line. 

    · Facial hair should be well-kept and neatly groomed. 

    · No tank-top style shirts (beaters) may be worn 

    Counselors will ask any pathfinder not wearing appropriate dress to change into appropriate clothing.

  • For value received, I hereby consent and authorize KC Explorer Pathfinder Club or its assigns, to use my name and/or the names of my family members who are minors, as listed below, as well as my likeness, photos, videos and other information (or that of family members who are minors) for the purpose of news releases, advertising, publicity, publication or distribution in any manner whatsoever. I further consent to such use in their present form and to any changes, alterations, or additions thereto. I hereby release KC Explorer Pathfinder Club from all liability in connection with all such uses.

  • Pathfinder Application


    The dues for the Chapel Oaks KC Explorers Pathfinder Club are $100.00 per year. You have an option of paying the full amount at registration time or half at registration and the other half in January. These funds are used to pay for food, transportation, camporees, craft and honor supplies, Investure supplies, etc. In addition there will be a $10 camping fee for all attendess, pathfinders, staff, and non staff parents and children. There are three events that will require this fee, the fee can be paid with your registration or it can be paid at the time of the event. The total camping fees will be $30. You can pay for all year and the camping fees at registration for a total of $130. Alternativly you can pay $50 at registration and $50 in January and pay the $10 at each camping event.

    We have read the Pathfinder Pledge and Law and are willing and desirous that the applicant become a Pathfinder. We will assist the applicant in observing the rules of the Pathfinder organization. In consideration of the benefits derived from membership, we hereby voluntarily waive any claim against the Club, it's leadership or the Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for any accidents which may arise in connection with the activities of the Pathfinder Club. As parents or guardians we understand that the Pathfinder Club program is an active one for the applicant. It includes many opportunities for service, adventure, and fun. We will cooperate:

    1. By learning how we can assist the applicant and his leaders.

    2. By encouraging the applicant to take an active part in all activities.

    3. By attending events to which parents are invited.

    4. By assisting club leaders and by serving as leaders if called upon.

    5. By supplying needed information on the Membership Application and Medical Consent Form.

    We hereby certify that the above information is true and accurate to best of our knowledge.

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