PCPO Conference Registration

PCPO Conference Registration

PCPO Conference Registration Form Preview
  • 2016 PCPO Conference Registration

  • Online registration must be completed by March 28Paypal payment is required at the time of submission.

    If you prefer to pay by check, please register by mail. A printable registration form is available at www.parentchildpreschools.org.

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  • Workshop Selection

  • Please select your preferred workshop choices. Your second and third choices will be used if a workshop fills or is canceled.

    Some of the workshops have 2 parts. Please be sure to register for both parts. Space in these workshops is reserved for participants who want to take both sessions.

  • Registration Fees and Lunch

  • These schools have paid the group fee:

  • Fees are calulated based upon your selections above. If you think this amount is not correct, make changes in your Registration Fees and Lunch slections.

    Listed prices are for advance registration only. Prices for walk-in registration are $10 higher.

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  • If you have any problems with your registration, please email 


    We cannot make workshop selection confirmations. Selections are not final until just before the conference, when we can be most sure of cancelations and unforseen happenings. Workshops are assigned in order of registration. If you have complicated opinions about what your 2nd and 3rd choices might be depending on what workshops you get into, feel free to describe those in the comments section. We'll do our best to accommodate!

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