Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Surgery Consent Form

Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Surgery Consent Form

Mrs. Wickland, Could you please fill out the surgery consent form and send back. :) Front Desk Form Preview
  • Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Surgery Form

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  • Your pet is scheduled for anesthesia and/or surgery.  Our greatest concern is the well being of your pet.  For this reason, prior to putting him/her under anesthesia, we will perform a complete physical examination.  In addition to the physical exam, we believe every pet undergoing surgery should also have pre-anesthestic blood work, pain management, IV (intravenous) catheter and IV fluids.  These procedures help reduce the risks of anesthesia and make your pet more comfortable.  

  • Mircochip:  While your pet is under anesthesia, we can place a permanent ID under your pet's skin.  It is a microchip that contains a personal identification number.  If your pet wwere to become lost and is brought to a shelter or animal care facility, they will check your pet for a microchip with a special scanner.  When the ID number is picked up the the scanner they will contact the microchip company's hotline and perform a quick search through their database.  Once your pet is identified, you will be contacted and reunited with your pet.  The procedure is an additional cost of $64.95.

  • Hip Radiographs:  These are often useful in the early diagnosis of hip disease that can lead to arthritis or hip dysplasia, and must be taken while your pet is under anesthesia.  This procedure is an additional cost of $155.52

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