Pet Sitting Form

Pet Sitting Form

This pet sitting form is for business owners that are into pet care services that provides a second home to pets while their owners are away. By using this pet sitter form, you will get the required information from your clients such as the information related to their household, and most especially, how their pet behave with other people around them and how they interact with other animals of the same kind in the area. This pet sitting client information form allows your business to keep a database of pet owners and their pets and re-use them for future pet sitting. In this pet sitter template, you would be able to let clients choose if they wish to limit your access to their home if they opted to pay for pet sitting at home. Form Preview
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  • Client & Household Information
  • *Tip* Turn on "Auto Fill" in your computer or browser settings before starting the form, that way if you have to restart or lose the information "Auto Fill" will remember your previous answers.

  • Please remember to complete this packet as thoroughly and submit it in a timely manner. After all your paperwork is received, we will contact you to schedule a free phone consultation. If you have any questions while completing the packet please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

    Required questions are marked with a red asterisk.
  • Your privacy is important to us. All information entered on this form is transmitted securely with a 256 bit High-grade encryption.

  • By completing this information packet, you are under no obligation to hire our company. By receiving this information packet, our company is not obligated to provide pet care services.

  • The option to add a spouse or secondary contact's phone number is below in the next section. Please do not use their phone number for home or work. 

  • Please provide us with an emergency contact below. This should be someone other than the primary & secondary contacts. Please provide someone who can and is willing make decisions in your abcense. They do not have to live locally.

  • Family, friends, & neighbors who have keys and access codes to enter your home will often stop by when you are away just to check in, even with out notifying you. For the safety of our pet care providers and your guests (our pet care providers are trained in self defense courses and have the right to defend themselves with in the legal limits of the law), please provide the requested information below.

  • Please note that the air conditioning & heat settings in the home will be adjusted to appropriate levels for the pets, the pipes, and the pet care providers. If the thermostat is if left at an un savory temperature upon arrival to a reservation it will be adjusted accordingly.

    Please let us know below the desired temperature you like your thermostat set to when the home is OCCUPIED.
  • Please enter the location of the following items. If you intend on leaving all necessary items in plain sight for your pet care provider, we still recommend stating the location where the items are located incase an item has not been left in plain sight. If the information in this section is left blank or the items needed for optimal pet care are not in the location indicated, the pet care provider has permission to search the home for such needed items.

    If the nessecary items needed for pet care cannot be located anywhere in the home, your pet care provider will purchase the items needed. Reimbursment for such items is due with in 10 days of your return home.
  • Please check off any and all areas of your home that your pet care providers ARE GIVEN PERMISSION to access. If you do NOT want your pet care provider to enter a specific room during your reservation please keep the door to that location closed. Otherwise the pet care providers will check all rooms your pet(s) have access to for urine, feces, vomit or destruction.

  • Let us know how you heard about our company.

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  • Please be courteous to our environment and refrain from printing this paperwork. You will receive a digital copy of all paperwork completed.

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  • Please remember to complete a Pet Form for EACH of your pets as well!

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