Photo Contest Entry Form spring 2015

Photo Contest Entry Form spring 2015

If you are running a photo contest, this form is best for you. This has all the fields required for the users to fill like file upload for the photo and other basic information fields. Form Preview
  • Longhorn Pride Category
    You and/or other students (either local or UT students) participating in an exciting activity abroad, eating an exotic food, doing the "Hook ’em" or with your “flag Bevo” t-shirt in front of an historic building, and more! 

  • People of the World Category
    Anything that captures local activity in a foreign country -- vendors at the market, locals walking the streets or participants in a festival, etc.

  • Your Major Abroad Category
    Give us an insight of your academic experience abroad; after all, studying is the root of studying abroad! What were your classes like? Did you collaborate on any research projects? What did you learn that opened your mind?

  • Once in a Lifetime Moment Category
    Everyone has that moment abroad when they stop and realize that the study abroad experience truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Were you able to capture that moment? Show us! 

  • The Artistic Eye Category
    A chance to showcase your creative vision, ranging from small details to large landscapes, that captures a thought, feeling, idea, mood, moment of your study abroad experience.

  • Video Short Category
    Show us a distillation or highlight of your study abroad experience in a short video, mini-documentary, or media collage of less than 5 minutes.