Fashion Model Application Form

Fashion Model Application Form

Becoming a fashion model is everyone's dream. If you are a fashion model agency, surely you need to screen your models and choose only those with talents and required conditions to promote, display, or advertise your commercial products. This form would help you get the right model you need! Form Preview
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    Fashion modeling is done to promote clothing or accessories. Fashion models are generally 5’7 Height and under 130 pounds.


    Runway: Occurs during a fashion show when a model walks a runway or elevated catwalk, to showcase clothing and accessories to potential buyers. 


    Catalog: Print modeling done to showcase a company’s clothing or products in their publication. Example: JC Penney’s, Sears, Macy’s catalogs. 


    Editorial: Print modeling for high fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour and ECT. It is generally edgy and showcases a current style or trend. 


    Fit: A model that has the perfect body sizes and proportions for a certain clothing line or designer preference. It is very important for a fit model to maintain their size. Fit models are hired to help designers see how their clothing looks and moves on a person. Some companies hire fit models on a more permanent basis. Fit models are the least seen and often best paid models in the business. 


    Commercial Print 

    Commercial print modeling is generally done to advertise products, services and companies. There is no set height or weight for commercial modeling, but you must be a well-proportioned, attractive, real person that can act and play different characters. 


    Casual / Lifestyles: When a model portrays a distinctive part of life, from a college student in an ad for dorm room accessories to a senior citizen couple in a healthcare ad. Lifestyles models are generally attractive versions of the stereotype. 


    Corporate: Print modeling with a business theme. Corporate models portray doctors, nurses, executives, and other business people in brochures, ads and annual reports. 


    Swimwear: Swimwear models generally are curvier than fashion models with toned but not overly muscular figures. Swimwear models can appear in advertising for any type of beach or resort location, suntan products and swimwear catalogs. 


    Fitness: Fitness modeling requires a well-toned figure and often a degree of athletic proficiency. Fitness models appear in ads for health and fitness products, athletic companies, and trade magazines such as Runner’s World or Shape. 


    Lingerie: This can range from a catalog lingerie situation where the girl is wearing a simple bra and panty set and smiling at the camera (JC Penney, Macy’s) to a scene where the mood is more mature in nature (Victoria’s Secret, Maxim). 


    Glamour: Modeling with a playful sexual overtone. Glamour modeling can include lingerie and swimwear. It can range from cheesecake pinup photos to calendar and Maxim style images. Glamour models normally have curvy figures and beautiful faces.


    Promotional: A promotional model is a model hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential customers.

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