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Practicum Packet

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Concord CommunityPracticum Packet
  • Practicum Packet

    Concord Center
  • Hello Colleagues,

    We at the JFKU Concord Community Counseling Center are excited to have you joining our team. Before you can begin practicum at the Concord Center, you will need to complete a few requirements. Below you will see all the important dates and times of which you need to be aware, as well as the requirements that you need to fulfill before beginning your practicum at the Center. Please carefully review the instructions so that we can avoid any setbacks which could affect your placement at the Concord Center. Once you have uploaded all required documents, please click submit.

    Dates & Times
    TB Results March 27, 2017
    LiveScan March 27, 2017
    Malpractice Insurance March 27, 2017
    National Provider Identification Number (NPI#) March 27, 2017
    Availability Form March 27, 2017

  • TB Test Results and Live Scan

  • For the sake of simplicity, the Center staff has provided links that can help you complete these steps faster, but it is not a requirement that you use what has been provided. With the exception of the availability form and school based application.

    Please upload your TB test results, malpractice insurance certificate, and completed live scan to this form. The requirements below are applicable to both School and Center Based Training. If you have already emailed these forms to as per previous instructions, you are not required to reupload the files here.

    TB Test (Due by March 27, 2017)

    Live Scan Fingerprint (Due by March 27, 2017)

    Link to Live Scan Form

    1. Take the attached form labeled "Live Scan Form" to one of the fingerprinting service locations near you.

    2. Once the Live Scan form is signed off by a service location, you must turn in the Live Scan form to Becky Bruno, HR Coordinator, at the Human Resources office at John F. Kennedy University. **Live Scan Fee May Vary by Location**

    3. In order for the University to process your Live Scan, you will need to make a one-time payment of $32 to the University. You can pay by cash (exact change), check, or credit card. If you are paying by credit card, you must go to the accounting office at the University to process the payment. The fee is $56 if you have been in California for less than a year.

    4. Once you have processed the payment with the school, please make a copy that you will send to the Center along with your TB results and Malpractice Insurance Certificate.

    To Find a Live Scan Service Location Near You Click Below:

    **HR does not have information regarding practicum, so please direct all questions to**

  • Malpractice Insurance and NPI Number

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance (Due by March 27, 2017)



    If you are using AAMFT to obtain Medical Malpractice Insurance, you must select the profile "Student Member."

    CAMFT Customer Support: 858-292-2638

    AAMFT Customer Support: 703-838-9808

    NPI Number (Due by March 27, 2017)

    You may register for a National Provider Identification Number at the following website. A printout will need to be provided as proof of completion.

  • Course Codes

  • Below are the course numbers to pay attention to when registering for your Internal Concord Center Practicum Placement. 

    When registering on-line or in person at the University, please pay careful attention and

    • Register for the Concord Site Internal Practicum Placement; the Concord Center Director’s name may be embedded as the instructor on record.
    • Sign up for the correct course number according to the quarter you should be in at the Center.  Double check or even triple check before registering. 
    • You are responsible for registering by the first day of the when the quarter begins.
    • Please provide the Center with a print out of  your registration for our records either before the first week of the quarter or on the first day of when the quarter resumes.

     If you encounter any problems when registering, e.g. someone from registration tells you the class is full or that the course number is not entered into their system, please call or email immediately your Program Chair to inform them of this matter.  The Institute of Holistic Studies Program Chair is Doreen Maller; PhD and the Counseling Psychology Program Chair is Robbin Rasbury, PhD.  The Counseling Center cannot make corrections with the registration department.

    HPC – Holistic – Transpersonal:

    HPC 5756-3 - Pre-Practicum - 0 unit – This is for your Pre-Orientation Training … only first quarter.

    1st Quarter - HPC-5751-3 (A) 




    PSY  5248.1  - Internal - Pre-Practicum - 0 unit – This is for your Pre-Practicum Training … Applies only to students Fall quarter entry – register in Summer quarter and students Spring quarter entry – register in winter quarter. 

    1st Quarter - PSY5260-1 (A) 



    School- Based Program 

    School Based Pre - Practicum – (Introduction to Community Based Programs) – PSY9007 

    Functional Family Therapy  

    1st Quarter – PSY5260.3 (A)  

    If you start FFT or transition only to the FFT program register for PSY5260.3-5265.3

  • Availability Form

    To the best of your ability, please indicate your weekly availability.
  • Please note that each quarter, 20-25 hours of practicum time is required each week. You must submit 20-25 hours of availability. These hours will include training, supervision (group and individual), direct client services, phone hours and communiy support tasks. Soon, you will receive forms allowing you to select your prefered times for the aforementioned practicum hours.

    Concord Center Hours of Operation (client hours only)

    Monday through Thursday - 11am - 9pm

    Fridays - 11am - 6pm

    Saturdays - 10am - 3pm

    Concord Center Hours of Operation (including non-client hours)

    Monday through Thursday - 9am - 9pm

    Fridays - 9am to 9pm

    Saturdays - 10am - 3pm

  •   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    9am - 10am
    10am - 11am
    11am - 12pm
    12pm - 1pm
    1pm - 2pm
    2pm - 3pm
    3pm - 4pm
    4pm - 5pm
    5pm - 6pm
    6pm - 7pm
    7pm - 8pm
    8pm - 9pm
  • Should be Empty: