Price First Taxis Ltd Business Account Application Form

Price First Taxis Ltd Business Account Application Form

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  • Price First Taxis Ltd - Business Account Application

    01803 322322
  • The benefits of having a business account, is to allow you to book taxi's for your customers or staff, and to pay at the end of the time frame selected. Many different types of businesses rely on our professional service, to transport their clients and staff to the destination required. At Price First Taxis's we have small companies that operate with 2 or 3 staff members to multi-national companies with different deperatments and cost centres.

    If you worried about who and how yourself or your staff members can book taxi's, this is overcome with security measures we can put in place upon request. Different levels of access can be set up and alterd at any point, upon filling out the form you can see the types we offer, if you wanted an additional security measure we are very flexable and will cater to your specfic requirements.

    There is no set up fee, no weekly/monthly admin fee's, if your account is inactive for a few weeks or months, there will be no cost, the only cost is the charge of the taxi, nothing else!

    We supply weekly, fortnightly or monthly whatever suits your needs. All invoices at the end of your chosen period will give you a complete breakdown of taxis used throughout this period, times, names, addresses, etc.

    Whatever your requirement, we will try to tailor it to you. Regular bookings, certain vehicles, certain drivers, out of hours or even out of area. For further information, or to open an account, please complete the form below and we will contact you within 1-2 working days, to confirm the status of your application. Or feel free to call 01803 322322.

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