Purchase Order Form

Purchase Order Form

Property management companies can keep track of purchase order requests with this customizable purchase order form template. When contractors or maintenance staff need to purchase tools or other equipment for repairs and maintenance, they simply fill out and submit the purchase order for payment. Form Preview
Purchase Order Form Template | JotForm

    To be completed by vendor/contractor for ANY & ALL purchases requiring reimbursement or direct payment (e.g. phone sales) from Secure Properties, LLC.
  • *All PRs must be approved by Secure Properties*

    PRs MUST be received by 3:30pm;
    1 business day (Monday-Friday) in advance of purchase.

    PRs MUST be attached to a corresponding Work Order(WO).
    (PRs will not be approved w/o a corresponding Work Order)
    Please contact David Brisbois at 855-263-7368x140
    if you don't have a WO#, know your WO#, or need a copy of your WO.

    PR Approval/Denial
    A text message will be sent to the
    cellphone # you provide upon approval/denial of your PR.

    Phone/Text Sales will only be accepted:
    Mornings @ 7am-8:45am
    Afternoons @ 3:00pm-4pm
    Evenings @ 7pm-8pm

    Home Depot(HD) Purchases Must Be Completed:
    < Via the HD Pro Desk >
    < Using the Secure Properties account & phone # 248-281-3722 >
    (This will ensure that all receipts are received in our email)
    *We will not accept paper receipts from HD for reimbursements*

    All Other Purchases
    Receipts for all other purchases must be
    submitted along with a Reimbursement Form (RF).

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