qwerty Dog Adoption Application

qwerty Dog Adoption Application

Dog adoption application for a rescue Form Preview
  • qwerty Dog Adoption Application

  • TO THE PERSON USING THIS TEMPLATE: You'll need to set up the email addess you want the form to go to when people submit it. To do that, click Setup & Embed, then click EmailS, then click Adopter's Name, then click Recipients. Delete what's in Recipient Emails and insert your email address(es) and save. ALSO DELETE THIS INSTRUCTIONAL PARAGRAPH BEFORE MAKING YOUR FORM LIVE.

    Also go to the first line of text above: qwerty Dog Adoption Application and replace qwerty with the name of your organization.


  • If you live with a spouse or partner, please discuss this dog with them before submitting an application to be sure they are in agreement about adoption.

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  • If you answered no to the question above, please contact your town/county/condo assoc and ask them what the regulations are.

  • If you rent, you must show us a written letter from your landlord or a copy of the section of your lease stating that you are allowed to have dogs and showing any limitations. 

    If you live in a condo or townhome, you must show us written proof that you are allowed to have a dog there and show any restrictions.

    This written proof can be emailed to us as a photo attachment.

  • We will be speaking to all household residents to confirm everyone is aware of this application process and wants to have a dog added to the family. Please do not submit this application if you are "trying to talk someone into" adopting this dog or think "once they meet the dog, they will want one" or "I'm getting this dog as a birthday present for them." In those scenarios, you are welcome to email us to discuss the dog, but we would like all adults in the home to be involved in that email discussion.

  • Please note:  All responses to applications are via email, usually within 24 hours. Please check your email 6-24 hours after submitting this application.

    Applicant Agreement

    Please read before signing!

    If you have any current pets, please contact your vet and advise them that we will be calling for a vet reference. We will need to know if your current pet(s) are altered and up to date on their vaccinations. We will also need to know how frequently you take your animals in to the vet for an examination. Veterinarians will not release this information without your permission. Please email us after you have made this call so that we know your vet will release the information to us. Your vet may require written permission from you prior to releasing this information.

    By signing below, you are giving permission for us to use the information on this application to contact your references and veterinarian and you give permission for your veterinarian to release your pets' medical records to our rescue. You also agree to a home visit as part of the adoption process.

    By signing below, you certify that you have read, understood, agree with, and will comply with our adoption policies. You further certify that the information you have provided on this form is true, correct, and complete. You understand and agree that falsification of any of the above information or any information disclosed during the review process is grounds to disqualify your adoption application and nullify all adoption(s) and/or adoption agreements between you and us. By checking the box below, you certify that this is your electronic signature guaranteeing that everything you say on this application is true. You further agree that your electronic signature is binding on this adoption application. You understand that completing this application does not guarantee you will get this dog or any dog through our rescue. Please check the box below and fill in your name(s) to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the above.

  • The rest of the adoption process is a vet reference (please notify your vet we'll be calling), a home visit and meet-n-greet/in-person discussion about the dog and your family. If you rent, we also need written proof from your landlord that you are allowed to have dogs and listing any restrictions. Please check your email regularly after submitting this form as we communicate primarily via email.

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