R.J. Graham & Associates - planning repoxrt form - dwellings

R.J. Graham & Associates - planning repoxrt form - dwellings

Dwellings application - complying development Form Preview
  • R.J. Graham & Associates

    Complying development planning assessment for new one and two storey dwellings, attached sheds, garages, carports, decks, pergolas, patios.
  • An easy to use form that will allow you to provide information about your proposal. The information will allow us to assess it against the planning requirements and standards for complying development. Measurements given in this form must match the diemnsions shown on your plans.

    Some simple instructions for completing this form

    Make sure you provide as much information as possible
    When entering numbers do not enter text into the field - e.g. enter 5 not 5m
    When you select "no" in some fields a number of subsequent fields will be hidden
    Any plans provided with your proposal must show the same quantities provided in this form
    If insufficient or inaccurate information is provided we will not be able to assess your proposal

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  • Development details

  • Building Heights -

    Heights are measured from existing ground level to the highest point of the building.
  • Setbacks and wall heights

  • Outbuildings

  • Landscaped areas

    Landscaped area means a part of a site, with a minimum dimension of 1.5m, used for growing plants, grasses and trees, but does not include any building, structure or hard paved area.
  • Parking

  • Swimming pools

  • Excavation and drainage

  • Upoad plans

  • Comments or additional information

    You may add any additional information or comments here.
  • Please submit your information for assessment

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